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IHE Profiles describe specific solutions to integration problems. A profile documents how standards will be used by each system Actors) to cooperate to address the problem.

Referencing IHE Integration and Content Profiles lets implementers and users be sure they're talking about the same solution without having to restate the many technical details that ensure actual interoperability.

For convenient reference, each Profile has a short acronym.

Each domain defines and publishes profiles to address interoperability issues related to its clinical and operational scope.

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The Profiles listed here may be in one of three states:

Final.gif - Final Text - stable
Trial.gif - Trial Implementation - frozen for trial use; changes permitted prior to Final Text
Retired.gif - Retired/Deprecated - no longer recommended or maintained by IHE

Click here to see an alphabetized index of Profiles. A template for developing profile overview pages is available here.

The links below provide brief overviews of each profile (based on the Profile Overview Template).

IHE Anatomic Pathology Profiles

Trial.gif [APW] - Anatomic Pathology Workflow integrates ordering, imaging and reporting for basic pathology exams.

Trial.gif [ARPH] - Anatomic Pathology Reporting to Public Health transmits anatomic pathology reports to public health organizations (cancer registries, centers for diseases control, screening organizations, etc).

Trial.gif [APSR] - Anatomic Pathology Structured Report templates anatomic pathology structured reports for cancers, benign neoplasms and non-neoplastic conditions.

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IHE Cardiology Profiles

Final.gif [CATH] - Cardiac Cath Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for Cardiac Catheterization procedures

Final.gif [ECHO] - Echocardiography Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for digital echocardiography

Final.gif [ECG] - Retrieve ECG for Display provides access throughout the enterprise to electrocardiogram (ECG) documents for review purposes

Final.gif [ED] - Evidence Documents adds Cardiology-specific options to the Radiology ED profile for DICOM Structured Reports

Trial.gif [STRESS] - Stress Testing Workflow provides ordering and collecting multi-modality data during diagnostic Stress testing procedures

Trial.gif [DRPT] - Displayable Reports manages creation and distribution of “display ready” (PDF or CDA) clinical reports from the creating application, to the department, and to the enterprise.

Trial.gif [REWF] - Resting ECG Workflow workflow for collecting ECG data in both ordered and unordered procedures, data storage and access, and ECG reporting

Trial.gif [IEO] - Image-Enabled Office Workflow integrates an imaging suite with an EHR system in an ambulatory office setting, including ordering, imaging, report creation, and web-based imaging exam review.

Trial.gif [CIRC] - Cardiac Imaging Report Content format for a CDA report of a cardiac diagnostic imaging procedure, including discrete data elements

Trial.gif [CRC] - Cath Report Content format for a CDA report of a cardiac Cath/PCI procedure, including discrete data elements

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IHE Eyecare Profiles

Final.gif [A-EYECARE] - Advanced Eye Care Workflow manages and distributes the workflow across equipment within the eye clinic.

Trial.gif [B-EYECARE] - Basic Eye Care Workflow manages and distributes the workflow across equipment within the eye clinic.

Final.gif [CHG] - Charge Posting collects and posts timely billable claims related to Eye Care procedures.

Final.gif [ECED] - Eye Care Evidence Documents manages observations, measurements, and peri-procedural results.

Final.gif [ECDR] - Eye Care Displayable Report supports the creation, query/retrieve and reading of ubiquitous display–ready eye care reports.

Trial.gif [ECAS] - Eye Care Appointment Scheduling standardizes the means of requesting patient appointments.

Trial.gif [GEE] - General Eye Evaluation defines the structure of data collected during a general eye examination.

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IHE IT Infrastructure Profiles

Alphabetical by profile name; grouped by profile state.

Final.gif [ATNA] Audit Trail and Node Authentication Basic security through (a) functional access controls, (b) defined security audit logging and (c) secure network communications.

Final.gif [BPPC] Basic Patient Privacy Consents method for recording a patient's privacy consent acknolwedgement to be used for enforcing basic privacy appropriate to the use.

Final.gif [CT] Consistent Time enables system clocks and time stamps of computers in a network to be synchronized (median error less than 1 second).

Final.gif [XCA] Cross-Community Access allows to query and retrieve patient electronic health records held by other communities.

Final.gif [XDM] Cross-enterprise Document Media Interchange transfers documents and metadata using CDs, USB memory, or email attachments.

Final.gif [XDR] Cross-enterprise Document Reliable Interchange exchanges health documents between health enterprises using a web-service based point-to-point push network communication.

Final.gif [XDS] Cross Enterprise Document Sharing share and discover electronic health record documents between healthcare enterprises, physician offices, clinics, acute care in-patient facilities and personal health records.

Final.gif [XDS-SD] Cross-enterprise Sharing of Scanned Documents enables electronic records to be made from legacy paper, film, and other unstructured electronic documents.

Final.gif [XUA] Cross-Enterprise User Assertion communicates claims about the identity of an authenticated principal (user, application, system...) across enterprise boundaries - Federated Identity.

Final.gif [EUA] Enterprise User Authentication enables single sign-on inside an enterprise by facilitating one name per user for participating devices and software.

Final.gif [MPQ] Multi-Patient Queries aggregates queries to a Document Registry for data analysis such as provider accreditation, clinical research trial data collection or population health monitoring.

Final.gif [PAM] Patient Administration Management establishes the continuity and integrity of patient data in and across acute care settings, as well as among ambulatory caregivers.

Final.gif [PDQ] Patient Demographics Query lets applications query by patient demographics for patient identity from a central patient information server.

Final.gif [PIX] Patient Identifier Cross Referencing lets applications query for patient identity cross-references between hospitals, sites, health information exchange networks, etc.

Final.gif [PDQv3] Patient Demographics Query HL7 v3 extends the Patient Demographics Query profile leveraging HL7 version 3.

Final.gif [PIXv3] Patient Identifier Cross-Reference HL7 v3 extends the Patient Identifier Cross-Reference profile leveraging HL7 version 3.

Final.gif [PSA] Patient Synchronized Application allows cooperating applications on a workstation to synchronize to selected patient context.

Final.gif [PWP] Personnel White Pages provides basic directory information on human workforce members within an organization.

Final.gif [RFD] Retrieve Form for Data Capture enables EHR applications to directly request forms from clinical trial sponsors and public health reporting.

Final.gif [RID] Retrieve Information for Display provides simple (browser-based) read-only access to clinical information (e.g. allergies or lab results).

Final.gif [SVS] Sharing Value Sets distributes centrally managed common, uniform nomenclatures.

Trial.gif [CSD] Care Services Discovery supports queries across related directories containing data about organizations, facilities, services, and providers.

Trial.gif [XCF] Cross Community Fetch fetches a single or small pre-negotiated list of documents from another community.

Trial.gif [XCPD] Cross-Community Patient Discovery supports locating communities with patient electronic health records and the translation of patient identifiers across communities.

Trial.gif [XDW] Cross Enterprise Workflow coordinates human and applications mediated workflows across multiple organizations.

Trial.gif [DEN] Document Encryption encrypts individual documents and portable media content.

Trial.gif [DSG] Document Digital Signature is a content profile that specifies digital signatures for documents.

Trial.gif [DSUB] Document Metadata Subscription describes the use of subscription and notification mechanism for use within an XDS Affinity Domain and across communities.

Trial.gif [HPD] Healthcare Provider Directory supports discovery and management of healthcare provider information, both individual and organizational, in a directory structure.

Trial.gif [NAV] Notification of Document Availability supports out-of-band notifications of documents of interest between systems or users.

Trial.gif [XPID] XAD-PID Change Management Updates the relationship between XDS Affinity Domain patient identifiers and other patient identifiers.

Trial.gif [MHD] Mobile access to Health Documents provides a RESTful interface to Document Sharing including XDS.

Trial.gif [IUA] Internet User Authorization provides user authorization for RESTful interface.

Retired.gif [DRR] Document-based Referral Request supports referral requests that are transferred by document sharing (e.g., XDS, XDR, XDM).

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IHE Laboratory Profiles

Final.gif [LTW] - Laboratory Testing Workflow integrates ordering and performance of in-vitro diagnostic tests by a clinical laboratory inside a healthcare institution.

Final.gif [XD-LAB] - Sharing Laboratory Reports describes the content (human and machine readable) of an electronic clinical laboratory report.

Final.gif [LDA] - Laboratory Device Automation integrates an Automation Manager and robotic laboratory equipment (pre-analytical devices, analyzers, post-analytical devices) in a clinical lab.

Final.gif [LBL] - Laboratory Barcode Labeling integrates robotic specimen container labeling systems with sources of order-related labelling information.

Final.gif [LPOCT] - Laboratory Point Of Care Testing integrates performing and collecting the results of in-vitro testing at the point of care or patient’s bedside.

Final.gif [LCSD] - Laboratory Code Sets Distribution distributes managed sets of clinical laboratory codes (battery, test and observation codes).

Trial.gif [ILW] - Inter Laboratory Workflow supports the workflow of orders and results with a subcontracting laboratory.

Trial.gif [LAW] - Laboratory Analytical Workflow Profile supports the workflow of test orders and results with IVD specimens on Analyzers.

Retired.gif [LSWF] - Laboratory Scheduled Workflow is superseded by Laboratory Testing Workflow.

Retired.gif [LIR] - Laboratory Information Reconciliation is superseded by Laboratory Testing Workflow.

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IHE Patient Care Coordination Profiles

Final.gif [MS] Medical Summaries describes the content and format of Discharge Summaries and Referral Notes.

Final.gif [XPHR] Exchange of Personal Health Record describes the content and format of summary information extracted from a PHR system for import into an EHR system, and visa versa.

Trial.gif [FSA] Functional Status Assessments describes the content and format of Functional Status Assessments that appear within summary documents.

Trial.gif [QED] Query for Existing Data queries data repositories for clinical information on vital signs, problems, medications, immunizations, and diagnostic results.

Final.gif [IC] Immunization Content describes the content and format of documents for exchange of immunization data.

Trial.gif [CM] Care Management exchanges information to manage care for specific conditions.

Trial.gif [PPOC] Patient Plan of Care exchanges data related to creating and managing individualized patient care.

Trial.gif [RCG] Request for Clinical Guidance obtains decision support when ordering medications, determining appropriate immunizations, diagnostic tests, et cetera.

Final.gif [EDR] Emergency Department Referral communicates medical summary data from an EHR System to an EDIS System.

Emergency Department Encounter Profiles

Trial.gif [TN] Triage Note records the act of triaging a patient upon presentation to the emergency department.

Trial.gif [NN] Nursing Note records the act of nursing care delivered to a patient in the emergency department.

Trial.gif [CTNN] Composite Triage and Nursing Note records the act of both triage and nursing care delivered to a patient in the emergency department.

Trial.gif [EDPN] ED Physician Note records care delivered to a patient in the emergency department.

Antepartum Profiles

Trial.gif [APS] Antepartum Summary records the aggregation of significant events, diagnoses, and plans of care during an antepartum episode.

Trial.gif [APHP] Antepartum History and Physical records data often collected at the initial ambulatory office visit for a pregnant patient.

Trial.gif [APL] Antepartum Laboratory records results from standard laboratory tests administered during an antepartum episode.

Trial.gif [APE] Antepartum Education records educational material provided during the office visit(s) for the antepartum episode.

Labor and Delivery Profiles

Trial.gif [LDHP] Labor and Delivery History and Physical records data that is often collected during initial admission to a birthing facility.

Trial.gif [LDS] Labor and Delivery Summary records data often collected during the labor and delivery period at a birthing facility.

Trial.gif [MDS] Maternal Discharge Summary records data often collected post-delivery until discharge from the birthing facility.

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IHE Patient Care Device Profiles

Final.gif [DEC] Device Enterprise Communication transmits information from medical devices at the point of care to enterprise applications.

Final.gif [PIV] Point of Care Infusion Verification communicates medication orders to an infusion pump or pump management system.

Final.gif [IDCO] Implantable Device Cardiac Observation specifies the creation, transmission, and processing of discrete data elements and report attachments associated with cardiac device interrogations (observations) or messages.

Final.gif [RTM] Rosetta Terminology Mapping harmonizes the use of existing nomenclature terms defined by the ISO/IEEE 11073-10101 nomenclature standard, it is required to be used in all PCD transactions (Note: RTM is a constrained value set).

Final.gif [ACM] Alert Communication Management communicates alerts (alarms - physiological or technical, or advisories), ensuring the right alert with the right priority gets to the right individuals with the right content.

Trial.gif [RDQ] Retrospective Data Query queries archived point-of-care device observations for clinical decision support or other data analysis purposes.

Trial.gif [IPEC] Infusion Pump Event Communication communicates clinical and technical events from an infusion pump to an information system for recording, action or presentation to a user.

Trial.gif [WCM] Waveform Content Module includes waveform data in IHE PCD profiles such as DEC and ACM.

Trial.gif [POI] Pulse Oximetry Integration provides guidance concerning the implementation of pulse oximetry devices using IHE PCD profiles.

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IHE Pharmacy Profiles

Trial.gif [CMPD] Community Medication Prescription and Dispense integrates prescription, validation and dispensation of medication in the ambulatory sector.

Trial.gif [PRE] Pharmacy Prescription Document records a prescription.

Trial.gif [PADV] Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Advice Document records pharmaceutical advice in response to a prescription.

Trial.gif [DIS] Pharmacy Dispense Document records the dispensation of medication to a patient.

Trial.gif [HMW] Hospital Medication Workflow integrates prescription, validation, dispensation, distribution and administration of medication inside healthcare institutions.

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IHE Quality, Research, and Public Health Profiles

Trial.gif [BFDR] Birth and Fetal Death Reporting describes the content and format to be used within the pre-population data part of the Retrieve Form Request transaction from the RFD Integration Profile.

Trial.gif [CRD] Clinical Research Document describes the content pertinent to the clinical research use case required within the Retrieve Form for Data-Capture (RFD) pre-population parameter.

Trial.gif [CRPC] Clinical Research Process Content specifies content, which is appropriate to help automate the sharing of information among systems during the clinical research process using the transactions from the Retrieve Process for Execution (RPE) profile. Using the transactions from the Retrieve Process for Execution (RPE) profile, CRPC will improve the recruitment for, setup, and performance of clinical studies.

Trial.gif [DEX] Data Element Exchange leverages the concept of a metadata registry to add mapping metadata to an annotated data capture form at the point of form design instead of the exchange of data instances.

Trial.gif [DSC] Drug Safety Content describes the content pertinent to the drug safety use case required within the Retrieve Form for Data-Capture (RFD) pre-population parameter.

Trial.gif [EHCP] Early Hearing Care Plan communicates care plan content and instructions to care providers (as jurisdictionally directed by the Public Health EHDI Program) to assist early detection, documentation and intervention for hearing loss.

Trial.gif [EHDI-WD] Early Hearing Detection and Intervention-Workflow Document specifies a standard workflow to orchestrate the collection and exchange of data between clinical and program-specific public health information systems.

Trial.gif [HW] Healthy Weight captures and communicates information for managing and monitoring healthy weight among clinical and public health surveillance systems.

Trial.gif [NANI] Newborn Admission Notification Information describes the content needed to communicate a timely newborn admission notification to public health to be used by Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) screening programs.

Trial.gif [PRPH-Ca] Physician Reporting to a Public Health Repository – Cancer Registry defines the data elements to be retrieved from the EMR and transmitted to the cancer registry or to a healthcare provider.

Trial.gif [QME-EH] Quality Measure Execution-Early Hearing describes the content needed to communicate patient-level data to electronically monitor the performance of early hearing-loss detection and intervention (EHDI) initiatives for newborns and young children.

Trial.gif [RSP] Redaction Services redacts data from a document in a user's current application to meet the requirements for exporting to an external system.

Trial.gif [RM] Research Matching publishes research process definitions to EHR systems to match patients and investigators with appropriate research studies.

Trial.gif [RPE] Retrieve Process for Execution enables a healthcare provider to access a process definition, such as a research protocol and to execute automated activities, without leaving an EMR session.

Trial.gif [VRDR] Vital Records Death Reporting defines a Retrieve Form for Data Capture (RFD) content profile that will specify derivation of source content from a medical summary document. by defining requirements for form filler content and form manager handling of the content.

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IHE Radiation Oncology Profiles

Final.gif [BRTO] Basic Radiation Therapy Objects integrate the flow of treatment planning data from CT to Dose Review for basic treatments

Retired.gif [MMRO] Multimodality Image Registration for Radiation Oncology integrates PET and MRI data into the contouring and dose review process.

Final.gif [MMRO-II] Multimodality Image Registration for Radiation Oncology 2012 updates MMRO to accommodate a change in the DICOM Spatial Registration Object and to require reference images for a Frame of Reference

Trial.gif [ARTI] Advanced Radiotherapy Objects Interoperability adds additional RT treatment techniques to those defined in BRTO

Final.gif [TDW] Treatment Delivery Workflow standards-based radiation therapy treatment scheduling using workflow

Trial.gif [TDW-II] Treatment Delivery Workflow-II updates TDW to accommodate changes in DICOM Supplements 74 and 96

Trial.gif [DCOM] Dose Compositing transfers spatially-related dose information between systems.

Trial.gif [ECSI] Enterprise-Centric Scheduling Interoperability describes a Radiation Oncology workflow where scheduling information is handled by an institution-wide information system and exchanged with a TMS

Trial.gif [QAPV] Quality Assurance with Plan Veto describes a Radiation Oncology workflow where a Treatment Delivery Device verifies the correctness of Delivery Instructions just prior to treatment

Trial.gif [IPDW] Integrated Patient Positioning and Delivery Workflow describes delivery workflow for a Treatment Delivery Device (TDD) with an integrated positioning system

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IHE Radiology Profiles

Profiles for Workflow

Final.gif [SWF] Scheduled Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for Radiology exams.

Final.gif [PIR] Patient Information Reconciliation coordinates reconciliation of the patient record when images are acquired for unidentified (e.g. trauma), or misidentified patients.

Final.gif [PWF] Post-Processing Workflow provides worklists, status and result tracking for post-acquisition tasks, such as Computer-Aided Detection or Image Processing.

Final.gif [RWF] Reporting Workflow provides worklists, status and result tracking for reporting tasks, such as dictation, transcription and verification.

Final.gif [IRWF] Import Reconciliation Workflow manages importing images from CDs, hardcopy, XDS-I, etc. and reconciling identifiers to match local values.

Trial.gif [MAWF] Mammography Acquisition Workflow handles mammography-specific exceptions to routine image acquisition based on Scheduled Workflow.

Trial.gif [PAWF] Post-Acquisition Workflow provides worklists, status and result tracking for post-acquisition tasks and application hosting.

Profiles for Content

Final.gif [NMI] Nuclear Medicine Image specifies how Nuclear Medicine images and result screens are created, exchanged, used and displayed.

Final.gif [MAMMO] Mammography Image specifies how Mammography images and evidence objects are created, exchanged, used and displayed.

Final.gif [ED] Evidence Documents specifies how data objects such as digital measurements are created, exchanged, and used.

Final.gif [SINR] Simple Image and Numeric Report specifies how Diagnostic Radiology Reports (including images and numeric data) are created, exchanged, and used.

Final.gif [REM] Radiation Exposure Monitoring specifies how radiation details from imaging procedures are created, exchanged and used.

Trial.gif [PERF] CT/MR Perfusion Imaging specifies encoding of Contrast Perfusion imaging data using Enhanced CT/MR DICOM objects.

Trial.gif [DIFF] MR Diffusion Imaging specifies encoding of MR Diffusion imaging data using Enhanced MR DICOM objects.

Trial.gif [CXCAD] Chest X-ray CAD display specifies how Chest X-Ray images and evidence objects are created, exchanged, used and displayed.

Profiles for Presentation

Final.gif [KIN] Key Image Note lets users flag images as significant (e.g. for referring, for surgery, etc.) and add notes.

Final.gif [CPI] Consistent Presentation of Images maintains consistent intensity and image transformations between different hardcopy and softcopy devices.

Final.gif [PGP] Presentation of Grouped Procedures helps view and report individual requested procedures (e.g. head, chest, abdomen) that an operator has grouped into a single scan.

Trial.gif [FUS] Image Fusion integrates different systems creating, registering and displaying fused image sets and storing their results.

Trial.gif [BIR] Basic Image Review defines baseline features and user interface relevant to simple review of DICOM images.

Profiles for Infrastructure

Final.gif [PDI] Portable Data for Imaging stores image data and diagnostic reports on compatible CDs, DVDs or USB for importing, printing, or optionally, displaying in a browser.

Final.gif [XDS-I.b] Cross-enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging.b extends XDS to share images, diagnostic reports and related information across a group of care sites.

Final.gif [TCE] Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export lets users flag images and related information for automatic routing to teaching file authoring or clinical trials management systems.

Final.gif [ARI] Access to Radiology Information shares images, diagnostic reports, and related information inside a single network.

Final.gif [ATNA] Audit Trail and Node Authentication - Radiology Option defines Radiology-specific audit trail messages and security measures to protect patient information confidentiality.

Final.gif [CHG] Charge Posting provides timely procedure details from modalities to billing systems.

Trial.gif [XCA-I] Cross-Community Access for Imaging extends XCA to share images, diagnostic reports and related information across communities.

Trial.gif [XDR-I] Cross-Enterprise Reliable Document Interchange for Imaging extends XDR to push images, diagnostic reports and related information between healthcare providers.

Trial.gif [IOCM] Imaging Object Change Management communicates image replacement or deletion instructions between multiple imaging systems

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