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IHE Integration Profiles describe a specific integration problem, and document the equipment roles, standards and design details for vendors to implement products that cooperate to address that problem. Integration Profiles offer a convenient way for vendors and users to reference the functionality defined in the IHE Technical Framework without having to restate all of the detail regarding IHE actors and transactions.

Each domain manages a collection of Profiles.

IHE Radiology Profiles

  • [SWF] - Scheduled Workflow integrates ordering, scheduling, imaging acquisition, storage and viewing for Radiology exams.
  • [PIR] - Patient Information Reconciliation coordinates reconciliation of the patient record when images are acquired for unidentified (e.g. trauma), or misidentified patients.
  • [CPI] - Consistent Presentation of Images maintains consistent intensity and image transformations between different hardcopy and softcopy devices.
  • ...

IHE Cardiology Profiles