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[[How to start a National Initiative]]
[[How to start a National Initiative]]
[[National Extensions Process]]
[[Committee Membership Process]]
[[Committee Membership Process]]

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<Note: All Process pages are currently very much Strawman documents>

Procedures & Processes

<Work is being done on a set of IHE Bylaws which will cover many of these topics>

The IHE Procedures Document is currently just a copy of the DICOM Bylaws

How to start a domain

How to start a National Initiative

National Extensions Process

Committee Membership Process

Profile Development Process

General Technical Framework Documentation Process

New Directions Process

Final Text Process

Change Proposal Process

Evaluation of Published Profiles

Process Improvement Suggestions from IHE Europe

Role Responsibilities

The IHE Organizational Structure describes the IHE Committees, their responsibilities and relationships to each other.

Within those committees there are a number of specific roles:

Tool Usage

What Tools to Use for Which Things


Writing Technical Frameworks

IHE Profile Design Principles and Conventions

See Also

There are many good documents we can draw from:


KAVI - Resources for Consortia