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[[Domain Cochair Responsibilities]]
[[Domain Cochair Responsibilities]]
[[How to start a domain]]
[[Writing Technical Frameworks]]
[[IHE Profile Design Principles and Conventions]]

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Domain committees are composed of representatives of relevant professional organizations and companies whose systems and software are used in the domain.

The committees are international in scope.

Participation is open and voluntary, but in order to remain as Active members on a committee roster, participants must take part regularly in committee meetings and teleconferences and perform committee assignments.

IHE committee decisions follow a consensus model. In the event that consensus cannot be reached, a quorum of two-thirds of current Active committee members (one voting representative per participating organization) is required for voting; a simple majority prevails. In the event of impasse on critical issues, the sponsor representatives will provide the final determination through a Review Committee composed of senior staff and volunteer leadership.

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Domain Cochair Responsibilities

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