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* Roadmap - TBD
* Roadmap - TBD
* [http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Domain_Milestone_Dates Define Domain Milestones]  
* [http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Domain_Milestone_Dates Define Domain Milestones]  
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LoXUP4W9l71-rf27IqWsXwytMZTTQIsYXKzmVzXKO4E Board report] - Must be updated  
* [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LoXUP4W9l71-rf27IqWsXwytMZTTQIsYXKzmVzXKO4E/edit?authkey=CJfL6J8P Board report] - Must be updated  
* Pharmacy Planning Committee Roster - TBD
* Pharmacy Planning Committee Roster - TBD

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The planning committee of the Pharmacy domain is - temporarily - embedded within the technical committee of this domain

The Pharmacy Planning Committee manages the activity of the IHE Pharmacy Domain. It provides direction to and works in coordination with the Pharmacy Technical Committee.

Current Meetings

All Dates and Times are CET Central European Time UTC+1 / CEST Summer Time UTC+2 (Brussels, Paris)

Date Time (CET) Location Topic Agenda Minutes
2011.xx.xx xx:00-xx:00 CET Meeting, xxxxxx Planning Committee Face-to-Face Agenda Minutes

Pharmacy Planning Committee Roster

The Pharmacy Planning Committee Roster is maintained by the Secretariat for IHE Pharmacy. If you would like to suggest changes or corrections to this page, please contact Simon Letellier at sletellier@ihe.net.

Participation in IHE domain committees is open to representatives of all IHE member organizations. Information about IHE's governance, including how to apply to become an IHE member organization, is available on the IHE governance Web page. The current list of member organizations is available at http://www.ihe.net/governance/member_organizations.cfm.

Pharmacy Planning Committee Roster - Google Spreadsheet - TBD


  • Recruits vendors of relevant information systems and users with clinical and operational experience
  • Develops long-term goals and roadmap
  • Identifies integration and information sharing problems and priorities
  • Gathers and reviews proposals for new problems/profiles.
  • Selects proposals for technical/effort evaluation by the Technical Committee
  • Approves proposals for Profile development by the Technical Committee
  • Develops educational materials for the domain and profiles



  • 2010 webinar
  • 2011 webinar

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