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IHE Pharmacy addresses information sharing, workflow and patient care in both community and hospital pharmacy settings.

Vision and Mission

Our vision: An e-Medication landscape which is integrated and interoperable

Our mission: All exchanging of medication-related information is enabled by leveraging profiles based on current and well-accepted standards

IHE Pharmacy manages the Pharmacy Profiles and the Frameworks .

For sponsors and supports of the committee, refer to Supporters and Endorsements

IHE Pharmacy Domain Committees

There are two committees :

The domain is moving towards a more structured approach according to the Principles of Governance. More with the discussion on the Pharmacy Domain Operations.

PHARM Profiles

Supplements for Trial Implementation

The IHE Pharmacy Technical Committee invites organizations to begin development work based on the following supplements to the forthcoming Pharmacy Technical Framework.

These trial implementation profiles are available for testing at IHE Connectathons since April 2011.

All the up-to-dated informations on the profiles are available on the website @

Comments and implementer feedback on all documents can be submitted to the Pharmacy (PHARM) Public Comment Form.

Strategic planning

The IHE Pharmacy domain undergoes constant strategic planning to evaluate its vision, mission and strategic goals.

See the strategic planning activities of the IHE Pharmacy domain here.


Given the charter of the PHARM domain, many years or "cycles" of work will be required to address the device integration needs that have been identified.

The Planning Committee has created and maintains a road map for when the group will address various areas. This document outlines goals and plans over the next 5-10 years and shall support fulfilling the strategic goals of the committee.

Please see the current document at: Roadmap

See past roadmaps here: Past roadmaps

Current Activity

The Technical Committee is currently working on a new version of a candidate Integration Profile and 1 white papers:

  • the CMPD profile Basic Community Pharmacy Integration Profile with XDW
    • publish & pull prescriptions, access to dispensed medication & pharmaceutical advice

  • a white paper on the medication supply chain inside hospitals
    • to extend the Basic Hospital Pharmacy Integration Profile



Date Location Event Details
Dec 2011 Treviso, Italy XDW Conference
Feb 2012 Las Vegas HIMSS
May 2012 Copenhagen WoHIT
Jun 2012 Budapest EAHP GA
Oct 2012 Copenhagen epSOS WP3.D, eP Semantic Interoperability Workshop
Sep 2013 Dublin/Ireland FIP (“International Federation of Pharmacy”)
Sep 2013 Sendai/Japan International congress of Japanese Pharmacists association
Sep 2013 Tokyo/Japan Franco-Japanese Society of Pharmacists
Sep 2013 Kyoto/Japan University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Jun 2014 Athens European Commission eHealth Forum
Oct 2014­ 22/23 Kassel HL7/IHE Germany Annual meeting (Jahrestagung) Presentation and educational workshop
2015­ April ­24 Luxembourg Med­e­Tel Event Title: “Integrating Hospital Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy – Facing the Interoperability Challenge with IHE Profiles”

Timeline : 2019-2020 Development Cycle Milestones

According to IHE Pharmacy Domain Milestone Dates

Dates and times are Central European Time (CET : Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna).

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
September 1st, 2019: Start of season 2019/2020
October First F2F Meeting October 28-29, 2019 Lyon, FR
January Test implementations at Connectathon (North America) January 20-24, 2020 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
March Second F2F Meeting March 26-27, 2020 Brussels, Belgium
March Test implementations at Connectathon (Europe) (cancelled) March 23-27, 2020 Brussels, Belgium
May Publish work-items for Public Comment April 30, 2020
May Public Comment - Deadline May 29, 2020
June Publication of CPs - released for Ballot June 29, 2020
July Ballot Start July 1st, 2020
July F2F meeting : Final review of NWIs, approved for ballot (cancelled) July 01-02, 2020 Chania, Greece
July IHE Pharmacy Webinar 2020 July WebEx Webinar
July Call for Vendor (PC & TC) co-chairs (cancelled) July 2020
August Vendor (PC & TC) co-chairs election (cancelled) August 3rd, 2020
August Ballot - Deadline August 1st, 2022
August Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements August 20, 2020
August Vendor (PC & TC) co-chairs election results (cancelled) August 31, 2020
August Technical Frameworks Released August 31, 2020

Supporters and Endorsements

IHE Pharmacy is supported or endorsed by the following organizations:

See Also

Pharmacy Planning Committee

Pharmacy Technical Committee


Mailing List

Request to join the IHE Pharmacy discussion group [1].

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