Pharm Vaccin Minutes 22021.05.07

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Link to Microsoft Teams


  • Participants
    • Trudy Hagg
    • Roeland Luykx
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Michael Tan

Vaccination topic

  • Michael has updated the spreadsheet with the IHE Pharmacy model. Should discuss this in presence of Jose.
  • Also started with a column on the e-Health Suisse model.
  • Roeland will have a look at the spreadsheet and complement the column on Switzerland.
  • The existing Swiss model is based on an existing form ( resembling a CDA).
  • A new initiative will come out in May. This will be based on a digitalized form using more recent FHIR resources.
  • Netherlands: Proposal to develope a model for the PHR. ( MedMij) based on FHIR r4 Immunization.
  • Intention is to start small like the yellow booklet.
  • The focus is on communication to a patient


  • The IHE Pharmacy material can be found here:


  • the WHO FHIR material can be found in Github.

  • The Swiss model:


Issue to be discussed:

  • Site or route to be administered. Do we need to add site?
  • Protocol and where to store number of vaccinations. Protocol in the IHE model is a reference. The standard resources is not.
  • How to register that a patient only needs one injection.
  • What value list do we use for status reason?

Any other business

  • Question to shift this session to Friday morning from 10:00-11:00. Michael will send out a poll.

Pharmacy Technical Committee