Pharm Vaccin Minutes 2021.05.21

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Link to Microsoft Teams


  • Participants
    • Roeland Luykx
    • Trudy Hagg
    • Michael Tan

Vaccination topic

    • Netherlands has started a project Immunizations
    • This will be using FHIR r4
    • Roeland recommends to look at the Swiss Implementation Guide. This was originally based on CDA, but since no one uses the CDA, they have agreed to use the original


Link to the spreadsheet
The IHE Pharmacy material can be found here:


the WHO FHIR material can be found in Github.

The Swiss model:

Issue to be discussed:

  • Site or route to be administered. Do we need to add site?
  • Protocol and where to store number of vaccinations. Protocol in the IHE model is a reference. The standard resources is not.
  • How to register that a patient only needs one injection.
  • What value list do we use for status reason?

Any other business

  • Question to shift this session to Friday morning from 10:00-11:00. Michael will send out a poll.

Pharmacy Technical Committee