Pharm Tech Minutes 2021.12.03

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  • Participants
    • Trudy Hagg
    • Anne van Berkel
    • Hernany Silva Costa Melo
    • Joao Almeida
    • Quintin Ligier
    • Sylvia Stein
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Michael Tan
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Minutes of November approved

Planning Schedule

Work items

  • Vaccination (Project lead Juergen)
    • Many interested parties, but difficult to find funding.
    • scope has to be adjusted to lower expectations what can be reached without funding.
    • In the Netherlands: project to provide vaccination data for citizens.
    • Meeting later with WHO to keep in touch of projects.
    • Beverly Knight from ISO 5384 has seen the comments from NL. She will make contact.
    • HL7 Public Health: Overlap of vaccination with medication. For example the planning of a vaccination schedule.
    • This could be an immunization recommendation or either medication request. Topic raised at HL7 NL WGM. This is not the approach in the vaccination project.

  • Medication record (Project lead Jose)
    • No updates.
    • ( in Belgium) currently dormant .
    • suspend until new input has been received from Belgium or Italy
  • Oncology medication management (Project lead Juergen)
    • No news.

  • Supply (Project lead: Jose)
    • meeting earlier this morning. Next meeting 28 January.
    • GS1 is involved in the project.
    • scope setting on the use cases including functional aspects of the process.

Any other business

  • No addtional topics.