Pharm Tech Minutes 2021.09.02

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Meeting Venue

Chania General Hospital "St. George"
Agiou Eleftheriou 28
73300 Mournies
Chania, Crete

The time slots mentioned in the schedule are the local time slots ( Greece). For Central Europe substract 1 hour For West Europe substract 2 hours

9:30 Start

  • Attendees
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Trudy Hagg
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Jacqueline Surugue
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Michael Tan
  • On-line
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Joao Almeida
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Richard de Jong ( Vaccination topic)
    • Onno Gieling ( Vaccination topic)
    • Roeland Luykx ( Vaccination topic)
  • Review minutes and action items

9:45 New work Items

  • Prescription FHIR profiles( see proposals Jose)
    • Project lead: Jose
    • Stakeholders: Belgium, Switzerland
  • Dispense FHIR profiles( see proposal Jose)
    • These 2 proposals will be combined as one work item
    • Project lead: Jose
  • Medication record (less urgent than the previous work item)
    • Project lead Jose
    • Stakeholder: Belgium?
  • Oncology medication management
    • A functional requirement is required. Preferably supported by a standard like IHE.
    • Candidate work item depending on funding
    • Project lead Juergen
    • Stakeholder: Vinzenz Gruppe Hospital Trust, Austria
  • Vaccination
    • Candidate work item depending on funding
    • Project lead Juergen
    • Stakeholder: Netherlands, Switzerland, WHO
    • other partners: PATH, US CDC, Gavi
  • Supply
    • Project lead Jose
    • Stakeholder: PATH, Digital Square, GS1
  • Motion to approve the list of work items
    • Vote: Abstain 0, Opposing 0, Approve 7

10:40 - 12:00 Work on work items (prescription/dispense)

  • Methodology:
    • Volume 1
      • Start flow with defining the use cases
      • define the actors
      • derive transactions of the use cases
      • Logical data models for the transactions
    • Volume 2:
      • technical specifications for transactions and actors.
      • examples for validation
  • Use cases:
    • include community and institutional setting
    • Controlled drugs: (Narcotics)?
    • Medical devices and health apps are currently not considered to be in scope.
    • Seek aligment with Unicom, eHDSI
  • The set of profiles should be equivalent to the CDA profiles which already exists.
  • Extension could happen.
  • What is the product: A FHIR copy of the CDA prescription?
  • Switzerland is using a FHIR based document
  • European projects ( e-Prescription) also FHIR based that work the same way as documents.
  • Other countries might not have the problem of existing legacy systems and may choose a full FHIR infrastructure.
  • IHE Pharmacy should provide solutions for both worlds. ( XDS infrastructure or RESTFUL based).
  • These 2 worlds will not be mixed. It is too complex to have a hybrid situation that would work in a mixed XDS and RESTDUL world.
  • The intermediate step is actually already filled in by Switzerland ( Oliver Egger). There is no requirement to make a IHE profile. It is only mapping.
  • Should focus on the FHIR based solution.
  • First should define agnostic logical models.
  • The implementation phase will set the direction for the method of communication.
  • Revisit the existing logical model and redo and write an implementation guide that could be used for CDA and FHIR configuration.

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00- 13:30 Visit Vaccination center

13:30- 16:00 Vaccination topic

  • Presentation by Juergen to get all participants aligned on the same wave length
  • Goal is global blueprint taking all varieties into consideration.
  • Basic need is to write and read a vaccination.
  • A second step could be the signalling a pending administration.
  • IHE will do a lot of footwork to organize meetings and provide content.
  • Coordination is necessary to manage the project.
  • WHO has a project called smart guidelines. Vaccination could be one of the guidelines.
  • Our project is complementary to these smart guidelines.
  • Switzerland has had a project on vaccination. The experience from this project could be of benefit of the IHE project.
  • Steps to achieve in the coming period:
    • Organize a workshop with the possible stakeholders.
    • Is it useful to consider comparing the input that is already available to use for planning purposes and explain the difference?
    • What is the scope of the vaccination project? Version 1 should contain the basic and minimal set.
      • administration registration
      • reporting of vaccination. This not immunization
    • Next stages could be:
      • planning of pending vaccination
      • adverse event registration

15:30- 16:00 Break

16:00- 17:30 Open

18:00 Adjourn