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(16:00- 17:30 Supply topic)
(16:30- 17:30 Supply topic)
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== 16:30- 17:30 Supply topic ==
== 16:30- 17:30 Supply topic ==
* Chifundo Chilivumbo (PATH) is occupied with supply tracking of vaccinations.
== 18:00 Adjourn ==
== 18:00 Adjourn ==

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Meeting Venue

Chania General Hospital "St. George"
Agiou Eleftheriou 28
73300 Mournies
Chania, Crete

Google maps: https://qrgo.page.link/oU5i2

Entrance of the hospital: https://qrgo.page.link/yEqnM

Webpage: http://chaniahospital.gr/

Chania Airport: https://www.chq-airport.gr/en/

Chania Airport is an international airport with direct flights from many European cities.

There is a Bus station just outside of the airport arrivals, a Taxi station and many Car rentals companies.

I will be happy to assist you and take you to your hotel with my car, if you want, just tell me the details of your flight and I, or one of my colleagues, will wait for you outside of the arrivals gate.

We have the following sponsors for the meeting:

  • Chania General Hospital: The Manager of the hospital Mr George Mpeas, offers us the use of the Amphitheatron and the hospital facilities
  • The Community Pharmacists Association of Chania, President Mr Manolis Katsarakis, will offer the catering for the meeting (coffees, beverages, light lunches …)
  • The Greek Association of Hospital Pharmacists, President Mrs Despina Makridaki, will offer a dinner in a local tavern.

Leonidas Tzimis: mobile: 0030 6948941727 Hospital Pharmacy: Tel: 00302821022126, 00302821022137

The time slots mentioned in the schedule are the local time slots ( Greece). For Central Europe substract 1 hour For West Europe substract 2 hours

9:30 Welcome

  • attendees
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Jacqueline Surugue
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Trudy Hagg
    • Michael Tan
  • Thru Teams
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Simon Letellier
    • Joao Almeida
    • Marc Robberecht

  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • On the NWI discuss and approve prescription and dispense

10:00 - 12:30 House keeping

  • Planning of new season 2021-2022
    • new Schedule
    • Need to rethink how we organize face 2 face meetings. Budgets are being lowered.
    • EAHP will cut down. Perhaps rent a house?
    • Look for sponsorships. Universities?

  • Membership status
    • Dedalus is member of IHE Europe ( thus also of IHE International)
    • File can be found here: Roster

  • Co-chair positions & elections
    • Current co-chair positions are Esther Peelen and Michael Tan
    • Esther has left GS1 and her position is vacant.
    • Michael will retire from Nictiz in 2022 and cannot fulfill the position as co-chair as employee from Nictiz.
    • Proposal to combine the planning and technical positions in the 2 co-chairs ( user, vendor), as long as we do not have any candidates.
    • Leonidas, Michael and Jacqueline are retiring from their official jobs. They might continue as volunteer or observer.
    • Motion to approve the candidacy of Jose as vendor co-chair position for the coming 2 years.
    • Vote: abstain 0, oppose 0, in favor 9 persons
    • Nictiz will discuss whether the other position will be fulfilled by a Nictiz candidate ( Trudy Hagg or someone else).

  • DCC reporting
  • Approve NWI proposals
  • New schedule has been set up.

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00- 14:55 Medication list session 1

  • Jose has discussed the medication list in Belgium
  • The Belgian material can be found here
  • The treatment can be grouped into a collection of medication.
  • Question is, on which level to group the medication:
    • Trade product
    • Prescription level
    • Substance level.
  • Should application be flexibel on which level they would group.
  • Or should these business rules on country level.
  • Suggestion is to register only what the actual level of process is.
  • In Netherlands we also keep a tag ( called medication treatment ID) to group information.
  • The rules can depend per implementation. The technical implementation should be independant.
  • IHE could provide suggestions for basic rules. Every can add extra rules above the basic rules.

14:55- 15:00 Break

15:00- 16:30 Medication Record

  • How does the Medication List relate to the work of IPS.
  • IPS is more like a toolset of generic building blocks. One of it is medication.
  • The medication list is a universal model for e-medication.
  • What is the definition of e-medication. Should we define the different use cases which we want to cover?
  • In a treatment there is also a link between responsibility of the author of a treatment and the medication list.
  • A patient could have different morbidities and several authors could have responsibility simultaneously.
  • IHE Pharmacy could play a role in providing an implementation guide for implementors how to interpret an medication list.
  • Naming: Medication list / Medication record / Medication profile/ Medication concepts/ Medication glossary
  • The name of medication record is the most appropriate choice. We should rename this work item to medication record.
  • Each country like Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland or Netherlands might have different medication lists. The implementation guide could give guidance how to map this information into an International medication list.
  • IHE pharmacy delivers an IHE profile reusing the IPS specification and elaborating on the architectural description of the different use cases in different settings.
  • Joao will collaborat with Jose to produce the material for medication record.
  • IHE Pharmacy is seeking formal committment from stakeholders who will support this project.
  • Jose will ask support from Belgium. Michael will ask support from the Netherlands. Stephane will ask in Switzerland.
  • Which party could we approach in France? Should look at DMP.

16:30- 17:30 Supply topic

  • Chifundo Chilivumbo (PATH) is occupied with supply tracking of vaccinations.

18:00 Adjourn