Pharm Tech Minutes 2021.06.25

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Link to Microsoft Teams


  • Participants
    • Trudy
    • Juergen
    • Jose
    • Roeland

Gemini Proposal

  • Ministry of Health of Netherlands are very interested and would like to join, but the date has to be shifted. The contact person of VWS is Roger Lim.
  • Roger is director of International projects. Eric Gerritsen has left the ministry.
  • The presentation is not ready yet.
  • Roeland has contacted e-Health Suisse, but they are now focused on internal issues. The new implentation guide has been released and will be balloted until August.
  • They would like to know what the goal is of IHE Pharmacy and how it relates with projects from e-HN. Our scope is broader.
  • A slide should show what the various use cases are for each nation. The IHE Pharmacy goals would span these projects.
  • IHE Pharmacy could provide a common model and the various national requirements. With this material you can compare the various national variations and map from one country to another country.
  • Some countries will be ahead, (they will not change their implementation) but other countries do not have standards. The experience of the countries that are ahead will benefit the starting countries. This will result in a common model. The individual countries will have extensions to specify their own needs. The solutions should have the possibility to be incorporate within other IHE solutions such as ATNA profile. The solution should work in a hybrid environment of document based or RESTful concept.
  • The use cases could be:
    • registration of the administration
    • planning the administation
    • status of the immunizations.
    • signaling for the vaccinations.
  • Other SDO are already actual active with other projects. How do achieve corporation with these SDO's. They will be part of the project and give the possibility to add their expertise.

Q 2 session

  • Stephane has sent CP to PCC and ITI but they have not responded.
  • The documentation of the Change proposals are ready. Stephane will prepare the ballot material.
  • Will send for ballot at the end of June.

Supply =

  • Should restart the supply topic after the summer.
  • Should produce some deliverables. Jose, Josh Zamor ( ), Sylvia Stein (, Marc, Carl? Justin Miranda ( open box), Breno Horsth ( HIS), Thierry Geraud
  • Product catalogue topics will part of the discussions.
  • Frequency each 3 weeks?
  • Should make the plan in Chania. Need to appoint the work item tasks to individuals ( scribe, facilitator).

medications list

  • Schedule medication lists every 2 weeks
  • Start the sequence after Chania.

Publication procedure

  • IHE has accepted the publication procedure that ITI has piloted. This was in collaboration with Jose and John Moehrke.
  • The material and explanation can be found on GITHUB.

Call in August

  • Stephane, Jose, Marc are available.
  • Michael is on holiday.
  • Juergen might be at HIMSS.
  • Will check if the meeting will held through e-mail.


  • Topics for Chania.
  • schedule for 2021-2022
  • medication list 1 day
  • vaccinations 1/2 day ? Maybe add extra day depending on progress for funding.
  • supply 1/2 day

Vaccination topic

  • The IHE Pharmacy material can be found here:


  • the WHO FHIR material can be found in Github.

  • The Swiss model:

Issue to be discussed:

  • Site or route to be administered. Do we need to add site?
  • Protocol and where to store number of vaccinations. Protocol in the IHE model is a reference. The standard resources is not.
  • How to register that a patient only needs one injection.
  • What value list do we use for status reason?

Any other business

Pharmacy Technical Committee