Pharm Tech Minutes 2021.06.23

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  • Participants
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Michael Tan
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Marc Robberecht

  • Review and Approve Agenda

Medication lists

  • Sandbox Belgium
  • A patient has a treatment plan. This could initiated by the patient, but more often it could be a plan from a Care Provider.
  • There could be multiple plans from different care providers.
  • The diagram is actually treatment centric.
  • Agreement that there is a treatment, but difference is where to draw the line.
  • In the NL the treatment line is part of the prescription and the prescription is similar with the supply request.
  • the rules where to find the correct dosage will depend on the settings in the different countries.
  • rules to the period will differ per country. A current medication summary in NL means the last 6 months. In Switzerland it is what the patient is using now. Point is that we would like to define the differences.
  • Within FHIR it makes it easier to map to another format from another country.
  • The IPS is just a collection of medication statements.
  • We should not use the same name as IPS. Suggestion to use medication (treatment) overview.

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