Pharm Tech Minutes 2020.04.23

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Link to Microsoft Teams Video Call Teams


  • Participants
    • Jacqueline Surugue
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Michael Tan (scribe)

  • Agenda approved
  • Agfa has sold the IT department to Dedalus.
    • This might be the last time Marc can join the IHE meeting.

F2F meetings

  • Porto F2F meeting is now postponed
    • Jose will be 25 on Sunday.
  • Joint Meeting IT. PCC. QRPH originally Franktfurt is now a virtual conference.
    • The meeting will be held during US office hours. Pharmacy will not join.
  • Chania F2F
    • It is currently difficult to plan. Everything is closed now. The nursing school might use the meeting rooms in the hospital.
    • Leonidas will search for alternative venue, for example the pharmacy wharehouse.
    • The government will make announcements beginning May and Leonidas will come back with news in May.

Documentation Publication topics

  • Publication discussions with Keith Boone and John Moerke. Keith has made an implementation guide for his own purpose. No decision has been made in the IHE group. Jose has continued to experiment with FHIR publishing on a HL7 site. Perhaps as IHE Pharmacy we should not wait and also go our own way.
A motion is confirmed to let Jose put a trial publication on Github. Other members are requested to provide comments.


  • Published in februari.


  • The action items are still to be followed up.
  • Jose will organize video conference calls
  • Michael can set up the video call meeting facilities.
  • Also invite external interested parties
  • Inquire GS1 for possible sponsoring.

Medication lists

  • Jose will publish the medication list implementation guide.
    • Michael will set a doodle to discuss these topics.


  • The European Connectathon has been moved to 2- 6 November.

Any other business

  • Jose has applied for a IHE Europe vendor co-chair, but application has been declined because there is no IHE Portugal as a member of IHE Europe. Jose could have applied through IHE Belgium.
  • The next call is planned for 28th of May.

Pharmacy Technical Committee