Pharm Tech Minutes 2020.02.27

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Zoom link


  • Participants
    • Jose
    • Esther
    • Michael
    • Stephane

  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review minutes previous meeting:

Minutes has been approved

F2F Spring meeting

  • The next F2F meeting will be held in Porto ( Portugal)
  • The dates are set for Thursday 23d and Friday 24th of April.
  • Participants:
    • Stephane will join in the evening of 23d.
    • Esther not sure.
    • Michael can join
    • Jacqueline can join.
    • Leonidas not sure.
    • Marc not sure.
    • Simon not sure.
    • Care Leitner?.
    • Oliver Egger?
  • Jose will be in Porto next week to investigate the possibilities of the venue. ( meeting room, lodgings).
  • He will keep us posted through e-mail


  • Supply ( late in the afternoon)
  • Medication List
    • National program in Switzerland
  • Strategy and goals.
    • Align with IHE board goals
  • Marcom activities
  • Michael will set up a proposal for the agenda

Joint meeting ITI, PCC, QRPH

  • Invitation received from Sarah Bell
  • ITI, QRPH, PCC will meet in Frankfurt May 4th-May 8th.
  • we ( Stephane, Michael, Jose) could join for a joint meeting. Suggestion for Tuesday 5th or Thursday 7th of May.
  • Topics to discuss are:
    • supply topic
    • FHIR Publication method.

Documentation Publication topics

  • Invitation for a Webex session with IHE HQ about Document Publication.
  • Currently very occupied with preparations of IHE Plugathon.
  • Suggest Tuesday 7th May 16:00 to Mary


  • Skipped this topic Publication of CMPD


  • Whitepaper status: review period has closed and we do not expect anymore comments.
  • We can proceed to finalize the white paper.
  • Jose will set up a time schedule through a doodle for the dates for a biweekly supply call.
  • Need to take account of Carl Leitner's time zone.
  • Carl Leitner has a real use case and is keen on making progress.
  • We do not want to continue with the old publication method in Word. It has to be one publication method, regardless of the transaction ( CDA, GS1, FHIR).

Medication lists

  • Project in Belgium
  • Progress in Switzerland
    • E-medication concept has will be published in Feb. March.
    • e-medication service will be mandatory in Switzerland.
    • focus is currently on the content profiles .
    • Does this need adjustments of our PML, MTP or CMPD? Stephane is not sure if current specifications are adequate. Switzerland will use CDA and FHIR.
    • Invite Oliver Egger to present his work in Porto.
  • Jose prefers to start with a logical model. the technical transactions should follow later.

IHE FHIR Profiles publication

  • IHE Belgium has published IG using Jose methods for FHIR publication.
  • Jose has discussed this with John Moerkh and John personally agrees, but IHE Board has to decide.
  • Advice for Jose to go to the board to enforce a decision.
  • Write in for candidates for the coming election for the board has elapsed, but Stephane will send the information to Jose.


  • Topic is postponed
  • the white paper that won a price (Jacqueline)
  • the EAHP presentation in March (Leonidas),

Any other business

Pharmacy Technical Committee