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[[Pharmacy Technical Committee]]
[[Pharmacy Technical Committee]]
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[[Category: Minutes]]

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Zoom link


  • Participants:
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Michael Tan
    • Esther Peelen

  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review minutes previous meeting:

https://wiki.ihe.net/index.php/Pharm_Tech_Minutes_2019.12.19 No remarks. Approved by Stephane.

Brussels IHE World Summit

  • request from Juergen to spread the word around about the World Summit.
  • Intended attendance: Stephane , Esther, Juergen, Michael
  • Interesting program according to Esther. GS1 will also present.
    • There will be several opportunities for networking.
      • networking event of world summit on Tuesday,
      • IHE NL intending to organize event for NL participants on Wednesday.
      • Networking event on Thursday for IHE connectathon.
  • marketing request
    • It has been mentioned in IHE NL bulletin,
    • Michael will broadcast during HL7 Netherlands ALF meeting
    • try social media.


  • the white paper that won a price (Jacqueline).
    • Esther could not find the presentation of Jacqueline.
    • It is in French, Stephane has made an abstract, which he will send to whole group.
    • It is free of copyright. Translate in English.
    • Suggestion for interview with Jacqueline and a link to her document.
    • Esther will ask Johanneke GS1 to do the interview.
  • the EAHP presentation in March (Leonidas),
    • 25,26,27 March theere are 5 seminars. Topic is Future of healthcare.
    • Leonidas will present, There are 20 slides about IHE. Also about EpSos, Antilope.
    • Leonidas prefers to publish afterwards.
    • Should we make a joint initiative EAHP, IHE, GS1, HL7?
    • Just inform HL7 Europe ( Chronaki) about the conference.

F2F Spring meeting

  • E-mail Sarah Bell: ITI, PCC, QRPH will meet in February in Chicago.
  • PHARM is not invited. So no one from PHARM will join in Chicago.

  • PHARM agrees that we must arrange the postponed F2F of Brussels.
  • We agree to focus on April? May is too late.
  • For Stephane 20,21,22 April is best.
  • Orthodox Easter is 19 April.
  • Michael will send a doodle poll to inquire about participation and dates
  • Main topics to discuss are Medication List and supply.
  • A logical place for the F2F would be near Switzerland, because of the National program of medication list.
  • It would also be beneficial to invite Oliver Egger to the F2F because of this topic.
  • See topic below on medication list.
  • Hotels are expensive in Geneva and Bern. We should consider renting a house under AirBnB and instead of hotel costs.
  • Michael and Stephane will investigate possibilities.


  • Publication of CMPD
    • Mary Jungers has sent 3 files.
    • Stephane will review tomorrow.
    • Expected publication next week.


  • It is not known if the Supply whitepaper is published.
  • Jose would set up a schedule for supply calls. But these calls have not been arranged.
  • Michael will discuss with Jose at HL7.

Medication lists

  • Progress in Switzerland
    • Final validation of Stephanes document planned for next week.
    • Currently working on medication services. This will part of the core platform.
    • Certification is required, but first 3 projectathons necessary.
  • First implementation at HCI ( distribution centre for Switzerland).
  • Many pharmacies belong to HCI.
  • Suggestion to arrange a visit at HCI and combine with F2F in April.
  • The company is near Bern.

Any other business

  • No other topics.

Pharmacy Technical Committee