Pharm Tech Minutes 2019.12.19

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Zoom link


  • Participants
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Michael Tan

  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • no changes
  • Review minutes previous meeting:
    • Stephane approved

F2F Brussels

  • Head count
    • Jose, Stephane, Michael and perhaps Marc could attend.
    • We decide to cancel the Brussels meeting for the time being. No new dates has been set.
    • Ask IHE DCC about their plans for a joint meeting with ITI, QRPH and PCC.
    • We will stick to F2F meeting in Chania on 1 and 2 july.


  • Publication of CMPD
    • Stephane has sent an updated document to Jose.
    • Jose have sent the final document to HQ.
    • Awaiting confirmation from Mary.


  • The white paper has been well received
  • Next steps will be to make the 2 IHE profiles for the proposed transactions.
  • Jose will make a start and set up conference calls for the working team.
  • Who will want to join the supply team? GS1 will probably join.
  • Stephane will try to join, but his workload is high.
  • The profile will make use of existing GS1 transactions (source Angela Merzweiller).
  • Michael van der Zel might want to join as well.
  • Need to validate with Mary Jungers if the IHE template can be used for GS1 messages.

Medication lists

  • Jose has an action item to set up a work item proposal. This is still outstanding.
  • Jose has contacted Oliver Egger about his assignment for Switzerland.
  • Stephane has made a report, but this is not final yet. The document will be sent to IHE Pharmacy members directly, but it should not be spread around.
  • Steohane has been assigned to develop the infrastructural specifications ( based on CMPD). Oliver will make FHIR specification for the sources.
  • This Medication Service will be mandatory for the whole country ( Switzerland), but it requires at least 4 or 5 connectathons before that is achieved.
  • However if you want to have connectathons then you need IHE profiles (including also FHIR profiles).
  • Tests are planned to be held in September 2020.
  • Stephane has mentioned that IHE Pharmacy is working on this topic. Additional assistance and funding from Switzerland would be welcome to speed up the production of IHE Pharmacy
  • Currently waiting for response from eHealth Suisse.
  • One possible issue is the gap between the CDA content and FHIR resources. Jose has also encountered this problem in Belgium.

Any other business

No new issues.

Pharmacy Technical Committee