Pharm Tech Minutes 2019.07.26

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Meeting details


Sardegna Ricerche
Polaris, Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Sardegna
Pula (CA), Italy.

Public transport

Not available


Is Molas Resort, Pula


WebEx details:

Webex link

WebEx Online: 234 685 399

Audio : +44-203-478-5289 UK Domestic Toll

Entry code: 234 685 399

Local country numbers:


09:00 - 09:15 Welcome

  • Participants
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Simon Letellier
    • Esther Peelen
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Michael Tan
  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • UBP is switched with MMA.

9:15 - 10:00 FHIR strategic discussion

  • Update from on publication of FHIR-based IHE profiles (Jose)
    • Jose has done a lot of work on the FHIR Publication method.
    • Currently the Word document is still the master source.
    • Jose has not been funded for the work he has done.
    • Gemini does have funds to promote this work, but has not reached out to Jose. Juergen and Stephane should claim some funds for the tasks that Jose is picking up.
    • The FHIR publication group should draw attention of the IHE Management Board. Jose should take action to get together with Chris Carr and Didi Davis in Atlanta and at the European Connectathon in Brussels.
    • Grahame Grieve has given preference to work with Jose on the IHE templates.
    • Pharmacy will propose to forward MMA as a pilot.
    • The prototype is currently stored on
    • Most of our material is now on the ftp, but a final decision needs to be made about the master source folders.
    • Jose is now involved with IHE Belgium. According to Marc, AGFA is now really involved with IHE Belgium, but it is worthwhile to explore any possibilities in this field to work together.
    • Who manages the build of the IHE material? This is still in discussion.
    • Suggestion is that Mary Jungers will perform a global build every quarter for official release.

10:00 - 11:00 Maintenance of UBP

  • Review of profiles, identify sections of improvement
  • There is no feedback yet from IT vendors.
  • Most systems already have a working solution and there is no pressure to change.
  • Should ask Michael van der Zel and Erik Zwarter is they see any opportunities to ask vendors for feedback.
  • Agfa has also looked at UBP and changing to UBP will be a large investment.
  • Changing to Websolutions could be a possible trigger to reconsider UBP.
  • GTIN might be too large to handle through internet.
  • Esther and Michael van der Zel are working on document describing the various types of registry and their requirements.
  • Should also look at the ITI framework Point of Care Medical Device Registry.
  • It this work for IHE Pharmacy? The intention of the joint session with ITI and PCC is to ask whether other domains would like to cooperate with PHARM to work on this topic. Esther and Jose should approach PCC with this direct question with the examples in Netherlands.

11:00 - 11:30 --- Coffee break ---

11:30 - 12:30 Maintenance of MMA

  • Should move to FHIR r4.
  • Should the document be made more compact to make it readable.
  • Revised the section on unknown medicinal product.
  • Should look at the section of the inactive patient. ( Deceased or transfered).
  • Does the situation occur that the medication appears, but that the patient name cannot be retrieved.
  • In that case we should fix the patient administration first.

12:30 - 13:00 --- Lunch ---

13:00 - 14:00 Continuation of MMA

  • Discussion on referencing to a prescription ID and use cases where this is not available.
  • Replaced text in the manual with a table with the different variations
  • This makes the text more readable for external readers.

14:00-15:00 Supply topics

  • Look at the specific Healthcare GS1 standards: GS1 guidelines
  • Order
    • We did find a transaction on GS1 on the order and order confirmation.
    • No transaction could be found on tracking the status of the order.
    • We decide to leave it out of the scope for the time being.
  • Dispatch
    • For the shipment notice we have a despatch advice from GS1.
    • discussion whether consignment stock should be elaborated in the supply document.
    • Jose confirms that consignment stock is adressed in the white paper and that these transactions are in line sith the GS1-online with the GS1 transactions.
  • Inventory
    • query inventory
    • Current Stock report
    • stock usage
    • GS1 does not have standards for communication within the institutions . It only adressess interactions that are necessary for communication between different actors beyond the institution.


Messages to be used - From white paper transactions to GS1 messages

  1. Resupply Request : GS1 Order (
  2. Resupply response / status : GS1 Order Receipt Acknowledgement -
  3. Optional, not yet available – abandon for now.
  4. Shipment notice : GS1 Despatch Advice
  5. Receipt notice : GS1 Receiving Advice
  6. Current Stock Levels : GS1 Consignment Stock Status Report
  7. Consumption / Usage : GS1 Transfer of Ownership report

15:15 - 16:00 --- Coffee break ---

16:00- 16:45 Continuation of MMA

  • Discussion on the optionality of the start-time. We have rephrased this section.
  • Revisit if we need the complex interval and the need for umbrella for medication administration. (action itm Jose)
  • Might need to review what the umbrella should contain? Does it also give the possibility to change the batch within the same umbrella.
  • Michael thinks that even a simple system can understands that 3 different intervals is sufficient for the system to understand it is one medication.
  • Missing information of the umbrella can be found in the medication request ( instance order).
  • In emergency you only record the past.

16:45 - 17:00 Any other business

17:00 - Adjourn

Pharmacy Technical Committee