Pharm Tech Minutes 2019.06.06

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Meeting Minutes


  • Participants:
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Michael Tan
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Esther Peelen
  • Review and Approve Agenda

Schedule / F2F meetings

  • Preparation of July F2F with ITI, PCC, QRPH
  • Meeting on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July 2019 Polaris Sardinia
    • MOU has been signed by Sardinia, but we are waiting for a link to book the lodgings at the IS Molas Resort
    • Michael will make a proposal for the F2F agenda. To be discussed in July 3dcall.
    • Need to arrange a joint session with ITI, PCC, QRPH on the Thursday 25th. Action Michael.
      • Possible topic is an IHE profile for registres, for example an registry of devices. There could be a link with a project registries on FHIR.
      • There seem to be other projects. The goal is to see if we can collaborate and organize a workteam on this topic.

Webinar Activities

  • Leonidas and Simon has sent content from 2015 ( Juergen) and 2016 ( Leonidas).
  • Look at the FTP site. There is a video on the FTP site. The trend is to make the presentations more compact.
  • For example:
    • "this is our domain" on audience who are not familiar with IHE Pharmacy.
    • or "what is IHE Pharmacy doing with FHIR?"
  • Juergen is willing to help with the edit. Esther and Michael will make a concept and send it around.
  • Time slots have been appointed for July. Esther and Michael need to prepare the webinar on MMA and UBP.
  • Juergen suggest to look at the webinars from other teams.

  • Instructions from IHE DCC
  • preparation for the Inside IHE Webinar Series please complete this logistics form before May 24.

As a reminder, each Webinar is a starting point for implementers and IHE NA Connectathon participants. It’s a way to the profile to implementers and point them to Trial Implementation documents for further information. Links to the guidelines and slide templates are provided below.

  1. 2019 Inside IHE Webinar Series Guidelines
  2. Purple Power Point Template – Inside IHE 2019
  3. White Power Point Template – Inside IHE 2019
  4. IHE International YouTube Channel

Present Work items

Adverse Drug Event Reporting

  • Slow progress. Michael has explained the opportunities to LAREB.
  • Suggestion to collaborate with other national organizations and seek for European funding.
  • Do we have contacts with other national bodies where we have IHE representation?
  • Please send information on what you know on each national body ( Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, France etc.).

Supply Flow Profile

  • UMCG might be interested for supply flow project.
  • The IHE whitepaper is the guideline for the workflows.
  • EDI messages from GS1 could be used in this process.
  • Esther will pick this up in the summer.
  • The pharmaceutical industry is currently focussed on implementation of UDI. This has to be arranged in 2020.

FHIR Versions of the remaining existing Community Profiles (CMPD, PRE, DIS, PADV, PML, MTP)

  • Awaiting funding on a real FHIR project in Switzerland.
  • Currently discussions on FHIR support on the regional infrastructure platforms. Regions are larger than a single Canton.
  • Stehapne is writing the specs of the National health infrastructure. He will mention FHIR as a possible future solution.
  • This draft report is expected end of June. Final report expected end of the year.


  • CP have been reviewed by Juergen.
  • Stephane is editing the documents.
  • Juergen notes that there are maintenance issues to be done as well.
  • Juergen and Stephane have to edit the documents before the next call.
  • Ballot can be done in the call of July.
  • We need to schedule a call in July 3d at 8:30 am. Michael will arrange the facilities.

MMA and UBP profiles

  • The MMA profile is not good enough. The National Development Bank has given remarks about the constraints and ambiguity.
  • The understanding was that Marc would look into this chapter, but we have not heard from Marc.
  • Juergen will point out the flaws on the July 3d call.
  • The document will be fixed during the F2F in Sardinia.

New work item

  • Several IHE pharmacy members have enlisted themselves as candidates for the Unicom project.
  • This is workpackage 1 on the Implementation of IDMP.
  • No feedback from the European Commission on the proposal yet.

Any other business

  • Nothing new on Gemini.
    • Austria is searching for solution for a computable Immunization planning.
    • It should solve the scheduling of the vaccinations and prevent missing vaccinations.
    • Most countries should have similar protocols or guidelines.
  • Stephane mentions that Switzerland is working on a E-health project on serializing and parsing CDA from ART-DECOR.
  • The new European MARCOM team have madea proposal together with LAPO. The proposal has been submitted to the Executive Board.
  • One of the topics is the Connectathon in Brussels. A Connectathon task force will be formed. They are searching for a teamleader to organize the connectathon.

Pharmacy Technical Committee