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[[Pharmacy Technical Committee]]
[[Pharmacy Technical Committee]]
[[Category: Agenda]]
[[Category: Minutes]]

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link to the Webex:



  • Participants:
    • Michael Tan
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Michael van der Zel
    • Juergen Brandstaetter
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review minutes previous meeting:
  • Meeting notes from Rennes were approved

Feedback HL7 WGM Montreal

  • Meetings IHE Board.
  • Leadership meeting with the IHE Board ( Juergen Brandstaetter, Chris Carr) and the HL7 management
  • Positive outcome: Explore the possibilities of collaboration between HL7 and IHE.
  • Taskforce has been set up to work out opportunities. First tcon next week.
  • Meetings HL7 Pharmacy
  • Michael Tan and Tom de Jong joined sessions with HL7 Pharmacy.
  • Currently on STU 4. HL7 Pharmacy working on version 5 which is supposed to be the 1st Normative Edition.
  • Vivid discussion on the Active Medication Lists. The advise is to use Medicatioin Requests and not Medication Statements, because of status "not taken" in Medication Statements.
  • International Patient Summary
  • Giorgo Cagnioli has presented the current status of IPS. There are still issues in FHIR to be solved.

Schedule / F2F meetings

  • Preparation of July F2F with ITI, PCC, QRPH
  • Meeting on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July 2019 Polaris Sardinia
  • Participants:
    • Affirmative: Esther, Leonidas,
    • Not certain: Marc Robberecht, Michael van der Zel, Michael Tan
    • Negative: Stephane
  • The agenda depends on what the members would like to discuss.
  • Supply and registry could be added to the agenda. There is time enough on the agenda.
  • Location, lodgings. The Science Centre is in the country side.
  • Ask Sarah Bell about the lodgings. It is high season in July. Action Michael


  • Progress webinar activities
  • Instructions from IHE DCC
  • preparation for the Inside IHE Webinar Series please complete this logistics form before May 24.

As a reminder, each Webinar is a starting point for implementers and IHE NA Connectathon participants. It’s a way to the profile to implementers and point them to Trial Implementation documents for further information. Links to the guidelines and slide templates are provided below.

  1. 2019 Inside IHE Webinar Series Guidelines
  2. Purple Power Point Template – Inside IHE 2019
  3. White Power Point Template – Inside IHE 2019
  4. IHE International YouTube Channel

Present Work items

Adverse Drug Event Reporting (ADER) (Michael)

    • Consultation with HL7 Europe : Catherine Chronaki is interested and sees possibilities to approach the European commission. Need to have support from National bodies.
    • Consultation with HL7.org CTO : Wayne Kubick has given advise on similar projects from FDA. Wayne considers ADER as a Gemini candidate.
    • Leonidas has informed Alexander Berler about the yellow card. Alexander was in Crete for a project between hospitals and community pharmacies.
      • Hospital collects all data for the yellow card.
      • Phase 2 is sending this information to the Ministry of Health.

  • Stephane : Is this profile als usable for input for medication safety checks? There are plans for the future in Geneva to set up a Clinical Decision Support service.
  • Acutally the ADER is reported afterwards. Michael van der Zel mentions CDShooks ( Smart on FHIR specs).


http://sandbox.cds-hooks.org/ and then select Rx View.

    • Jurgen mentions that the medication safety has been implemented in CMPD in Saudi Arabia.

Supply Flow Profile (Esther)

  • Not discussed due to absence of Esther and Jose

FHIR Versions of the remaining existing Community Profiles (CMPD, PRE, DIS, PADV, PML, MTP) (Stephane)

  • No progress yet. Currently on CDA. Waiting on decision to go to FHIR. Maybe next year.

Pre-Prescription (Stephane)

  • Stephane has submitted 2 change proposals on the FTP:
  1. add a relationship containing a substance administration (mood code=proposal.)
  2. use a mood-code of the substance administration element. (mood code = intent.)

  • Decide on which option.
  • According to Juergen it is not allowed to use this mood code, but this is not sure. Verify Juergen.

New work item

  • Unicom project work package 1.
  • No news yet. Waiting upon decision. IHE Pharmacy cannot participate, but individuals can participate. Stephane Spahni and Jose Costa Teixeira are on the list.
  • Juergen also wants to join. Action Stephane

Any other business

  • None

Pharmacy Technical Committee