Pharm Tech Minutes 2019.02.22

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Meeting details

Webex details:

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February 22nd 2019
12:00 - 13:00 (1 h 00 min)
Berlin (Europe, GMT+01:00)

IHE Pharmacy technical committee call

Waar: WebEx Online Meeting number: 234 855 375

Audioverbinding +44-203-478-5289 UK Domestic Toll Toegangscode: 234 855 375

Local call numbers:



  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Michael Tan
  • Jose Teixeira
  • Michael von Zel
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved
  • Approved

Preparation of February F2F

  • Meeting on Wednesday 10th April/ Thusday 11th April 2019 Rennes
  • Approved
  • Meeting venue:
  • Action item: Confirm room to Karima (Stephane)
  • Meeting agenda
  • Action item: Create draft program (Michael)
  • What to do about F2F June/ joint meeting ITI, PCC, QRPH in July
  • Moving Chania-Meeting from June to September would be possible, depends on the decision on Treviso, Meeting Joint with ITI/PCC/QRPH has priority
  • If Treviso happens, the Chania meeting will be moved to next season
  • Decision on Treviso must fall before April 19, 2019
  • Michael: no news so far
  • Action item: Negotiate with Sarah Bell (Michael)
  • Ok for Chania to wait for this deadline
  • Potential PHARM participants:
  • Onsite: Michael, Stephane
  • TCOn: Jose
  • Undecided: Michael van Zel, Jürgen

Collaboration on e-Precription

  • WHO CEN collaboration Digital Health
  • Meeting IPS 19th March Bruxelles
  • Only Medication List is part of the IPS, not eP/eD
  • Will be further observed


  • Progress webinar activities
  • Ester not present, no report

Progress Work items

  • Adverse Drug Event Reporting (ADER) (Michael)
  • No progress, still trying to get funding
  • Supply Flow Profile (Esther)
  • Jose has done some work on the Whitepaper, will be sent out to the group for first feedback
  • FHIR Versions of the remaining existing Community Profiles (CMPD, PRE, DIS, PADV, PML, MTP) (Stephane)
  • No progress
  • Activity seems to be too big for voluntary work, funding is needed
  • Pre-Prescription (Stephane)
  • No feedback received on the proposal
  • A second call will be sent

Any other business

  • None

Pharmacy Technical Committee