Pharm Tech Minutes 2018.04.20

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Meeting details

Friday, 20d April 2018, 13:00-14:00 CET


  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Michael van der Zel
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Michael Tan


Welcome / Review of the agenda (5 min)

Review of TC work items

  • Have to launch supply calls: Action Jose
  • Follow up of Medication Documentation List: A call will be organized

Progress on MMA and UBP

  • No participants in Connectathon due to short planning period before deadline of submission.
  • Only presentation and demo from Michael Z. of UBP.
  • Link: IHE Barcode Demo

Next steps on MMA and UBP

  • Find hospitals, home nursing who require certification of MMA and UBP.
  • Aim for Connectathon in 2019 in Rennes.
  • Current FHIR resources do not apply an uniform barcode ( Device, Location, Medication, Health products)
  • Need alignment to have the same pattern. Change proposal was submitted in the past by Jose, but they were refused.
  • Now we have more experience and should reconsider this request once more.
    • Also reflects to UDI, (done by O&O). Jose will ask to schedule this call with O&O and invite Pharmacy and Michael Z.

Joint meeting Cologne 18 May with ISO, HL7, IHE, GS1

  • Participants from IHE: Marc, Jose, Michael Z., Michael T., Esther Peelen.
  • Suggestions from HL7:
    • Update: FHIR MedicationKnowledgeBase resource
      • How does this relate to IDMP
    • Update: CDA universal templates for Medication sections/entries
    • New item: new HL7 project from Clinical Decision Support WG to create FHIR drug interactions resource(s)
  • Possible topics from IHE:
    • Collaboration between the SDO's IHE and HL7
      • Potential roadmap of IHE Pharmacy:
      • Current product portfolio
        • Take UBP asks example. This is broader than pharmacy.
    • Publication method of IHE:
      • balloting possibilities from SDO?
    • Adverse event reporting as part medication administration workflow
  • Michael T. will adjust this proposals and distribute among IHE Pharmacy before submitting to ISO and HL7
  • Michael T. will also set up a registration webpage to register the participants.
  • Tcon on the agenda on Tuesday 8th of May.

Any other business

  • barcode questions please approach Michael van der Zel.

Pharmacy Technical Committee