Pharm Tech Minutes 2018.02.13

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Meeting Minutes


09:00 - 11:45 Joint Meeting ITI, PCC, QRPH, PHARM

  • ITI, PCC, PHARM, QRPH round-table updates
  • PHARM FHIR profiles and roadmap
    • Current: MMA , UBP Profile
    • Upcoming: Supply of medication and devices, Adverse event reporting.
  • Joint work: Device implantation using IHE profiles
  • PCC is working together with HL7 ( Iona)
  • FHIR Roadmap and strategy - profiles and publication
    • ExampleScenario, IG Publisher
    • Join the workgroup on the documentation.

12:30 - 13:45 --- Lunch ---

13:45 - 15:15 Community Profiles

  • E-medication is based on clinical workflows.
  • E-prescriptions is focused on reimbursement of the prescription costs.
  • A prescription actually consists of 2 components:
    • a therapeutical element
    • a logistical element.
  • Medication list is based on the therapeutical elements.
  • Discussion of exceptional cases:
    • standard prescription process
    • home visit scenarios
    • blanc prescriptions where patient and medication is filled in.
  • Prescription ID is set immedicately on creation.
  • There must be always a medication line on a prescription.
  • Should we change the constraints on prescriptions? There are different options:
    • relax the constraints on e-prescriptions to deal with the exceptions.
    • call it a seperate document ( ordonance) do not regard it as a prescription.
  • Considers the legal impact on the possible options.
  • Recommendation to regard this as a seperate document.
  • We wait for the official Austrian requirements before we make a change.

  • There is a complaint about the use of namespaces. The name of the namespace was requested by Oliver Egger, but not done correctly.
  • The need of the namespace was because the HL7 CMET had to be adapted for Pharmacy needs.
  • The reason is that some software generation tools need to create their own alias.
  • Remove any constraints on the alias of the pharm.xml namespace in the prescription profile. The name can be chosen as wanted.
  • This would give issues on the transformation of stylesheets.
  • Stephane will ask Oliver Egger if is this is what he requested.
  • In Switzerland Geneva and Vaud have agreement on the implementing IHE Pharmacy profiles on an open source tool called "eHealth Connector" and ask vendors to use it to connect to HIE platform. It is intended to be used by hospitals, GP and pharmacies.

15:15 - 16:45 Strategic approach on FHIR publication

  • Need to create awareness with the Board that decisions should be made on IHE method of FHIR publications.
  • HL7 is competing with workflows and connectathons and IHE is lagging behind.
  • Suggest to raise the topic in March at the IHE Board meeting in Las Vegas ( Juergen). Juergen needs a deck of 5 slides (Jose) to present, which he will present in the board. This should be a special topic for a retreat in The Hague.
  • Suggest to get the IHE board acquainted with the Furore ( Firely) to see if this company is willing to support IHE of using Simplifier. You need Simplifier as a registry for the FHIR community to find the IHE profiles.

17:00 - Adjourn

Pharmacy Technical Committee