Pharm Tech Minutes 2017.04.20

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  • Review of changes to CMPD profiles
  • Updates and discussion on MMA:
    • Profile status:
      • One open question to discuss with HL7 Pharmacy in Madrid, (about request querying)
      • On Administration, one open question, just starting to be discussed (about use of lot numbers, etc in a medication report)

Next steps: Madrid will be a place for these two discussions, hopefully then we can have all the technical questions answered.

  • Updates and discussion on Supply WP
    • White paper is in the phase of wrapping up. One decision was made during the last call (finish data requirements) but we could not yet finish the white paper.
    • Decision:
    • Jose to update the document on the final steps (clean up and add data needs) as per the last Supply meeting.
    • Marc will take a look or take over as from early May

Discussion on PMP document:

  • In previous call with the PMP team, Jose has suggested that our pending work item could be recovered, as a short work, just to publish our current knowledge
    • For the suggestion to be acceptable, there has to be commitment. Now is a difficult, so we can only promise the work if we have the capacity.

Decision: we will check in Chania the status of the work and if ready, deliver it there.

  • HL7 work group meeting in Madrid - preparation / pending issues?
    • Meeting is canceled as per the previous IHE call and emails
    • Main points to discuss from our work items: Medication Administration (1. query by performer and Medication Instance (lot number, etc)).
  • Board report:
    • We could not make it ready, we will take some time in Chania to review it.
      • Action: Juergen to inform Jamie that the report will be provided after our meeting in Chania (done)
  • Meeting minutes status:
    • They are not complete, which is bad not only for our organization but to anyone that looks into our work.
    • Decision:
      • We should revert to the style that Juergen uses, and do the minutes on the spot.
      • The group will help the co-chairs ensure that the minutes are kept during the calls and not postponed.