Pharm Tech Minutes 2017.03.23

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  • REview of HL7 meeting in May
  • Discussion on Chemo use case:

this use case is one where th medication administration orders are not given automatically, but explicitly given by the physician.

Action: Michael to see if it is possible to get a realistic example of such treatments.

Nurse can scan other medication.

This means that the nurse has a list of the medications that can be administered.

This introduces the need for CATALOG - realtime of offline (mostly offline).

  • Other business:

Meeting in Chania: in the IHE wiki page is on 29 and 30, but the correct schedule should be 15 and 16 of June. Action: Simon update the wiki

  • Meetings on MMA and Supply:

Jose to send a Doodle which includes the current schedule and other options.