Pharm Tech Minutes 2017.03.09

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From HL7 discussion on 06-Mar, Rx has approved to add dosageInstructions.timing to the search parameters. This is targeted still for STU3 since the group agrees this is and evident need.

We can now update the document and explain how to search for medications that are to be administered: - At a given day => using timing.event - During a time interval => using timing.event with a range - At a given event (e.g. breakfast) => using timing.when <== This will not be possible in STU3 still

  • On nurse:

We still think that the performer should be there. For example, carePlan has a performer. This sets a baseline that medicationRequest is also a request. We should stick to the same pattern. Michael: The intended performer could be also a careTeam. In practice, the patient is assigned to a care team. The person that is responsible for that team is the nurse at a given shift. So the nurse would only query for her team, not for herself or the patient. This is even more reliable because patients do not change care team often. Querying patient would have to be automated. IHE must search for a link between the patients and the care teams, so that a specific nurse can find her patients. If this is done, then even the patients that do not have any scheduled medicatoin would still show up on the list. So we either need to introduce a carePlan, or we need a medicationRequest.intendedPerformer Action item: Jose to add this to the "open issues" in the profile.

Marc: Will look at the resources upload and the search Michael: will work on the diagram Jose will send to michael the needed links and credentials.