Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.11.17

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Esther Peelen Jose Costa Teixeira

UPB vs General transactions

Recap of Discussion about transactions for Product Lookup not being barcode-related (neither Esther or Erik were there when the group decided, so to ensure alignment we revisited the reasoning). Review of Actors vs System architecture - IHE actors are not supposed to fully close a use case, rather define building blocks to associate with others. A profile is a small, contained association of these actors and transactions. For example, in the white paper we have transactions for Resupply Request and Resupply Delivery (version 0.34, section 23.1 and 23.2). These do not make sense on their own for any implementation, but they can be combined with each other or other actors.

Raising awareness:

Esther had a very good feedback from the work in the HL7 NL meeting, and asks how this can be made more impactful. Jose suggests that the best is to finish the white paper as soon as possible, since this will have most impact in several discussion groups.

Still to do:

  • Must clarify the transactions for UBP - what does UPB-1... UPB-N do??? (for next call)
  • Traceability use case
  • Confirm which of the options for Product Lookup is preferred.

Next actions:

Esther: to ask the Dutch team to confirm their agreement. This should be done as soon as possible since the work will continue based on the agreement reached, so any step back will cause delays and effort.

Jose: will continue the white paper editing. Will assume option 3 for the time being but not put much effort.