Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.06.02

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Meeting details

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 16:00 CET


  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Esther Peleen
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Michael Tan
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Marc Robberecht


  • Welcome and review of agenda
  • Webinar

Leonidas refers to the webinar on 6th of July, 16h00 CEST. It will be an update of the domain presentation. Additions: Work in progress - supply, educational material. Leonidas will inform the group when the presentation is ready.

  • Report on work items
  • Supply
  • White paper - no progress since March/April, need 2 main things: chapter 6 (barcodes) and clearing up use cases.
  • Esther submitted a supplement for review.
  • Esther has updates on the chapter 6. She informs that she can send to the group - suggestion to send to the Supply group first.

Esther will send to the ihe-supply-discussion mailing list, and group will review

  • Profile: We can produce Volume 1, as discussed in the last call, with an initial set of transactions. We think that Volume 1 can be published since it would add some value and insight. Jose will contact Mary to check if this is allowed.

Jose will confirm with Mary what are the timelines for being able to publish the Vol1.

New calls: this is an even week. Marc has more availability on even weeks, so we will stick to the schedule. End of afternoon (after 15h00). Leonidas prefers after 17h00 CET.

Decision: Next meeting will be on 14th of June, at 17h00 CET. Will send an invite

  • Review the short article on Falsified Medicines Directive.
  • We should get Christian's presence or insight in his concerns about the reactions on this article.
  • About data ownership, we will keep aware and eventually see if there is any issue.
  • Simon sent information about the traceability and serialization discussions.
  • Next steps: Review the document by the next Supply meeting.
  • FHIR

The use cases include getting a worklist, which we may be careful at first, so that we focus only on pharmacy transactions and resources. The use cases present a basic set of transactions (planned administration, unplanned administration, and reporting). Nurse-applied or patient-reported. From another discussion, it would be good to have the profile to explain also the FHIR basics. Suggestion is that we clarify in Vienna how the FHIR resources would fill this scenario.

To get acquainted with FHIR and REST members can read David Hay's blog:

Next discussion will be in Vienna. Marc will not join on the 28th, so we should push FHIR (&Supply) to the 29th as possible.

  • Presence/news on eHealth week, Amsterdam

Updates will come from Juergen who will be there.

  • Preparation for Vienna F2F meeting

Michael will prepare a first draft of the agenda. Any requests and constraints to be sent to Michael.

  • Updates from ISO (Jose)

Prescription is in final text. Jose will ask to get IHE to review. Medication Management will be balloted in July (final ballot). ISO 19293 - requirements for dispense records.

  • Updates from HL7 WGM in Montreal (Michael)

No relevant updates on Pharmacy, other than some irritation in the HL7 Pharmacy about the PSS on formulary. The HL7 Pharmacy felt they were being bypassed with Jose's request to RCRIM. The PSS was blocked by HL7 Pharmacy.

  • Updates on openMedicine (Jose)

Some material available on openMedicine deliverables

  • Formulary/other "pending"

  • Review and approval of Change Proposals


  • Any other topics
  • Michael was approached by Nictiz about organizing next meeting of IHE PCC, ITI, PHARM, QRPH. Possibly the meeting of February 2017 will be in the Netherlands. Will be discussed in Vienna.