Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.03.24

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Stéphane Spahni José Costa Teixeira Michael Tan

Review of Agenda


  • Updates from work groups:
    • Supply Discussions

José states that the transactions have evolved a bit since the F2F meeting and are now more agreeable There is already a proposed implementation sequence, starting with the common and "easy" transactions like ordering, and then going to the more complicated ones like inventory/consumption. José will post this to the main mailing list and put on FTP Michael advises that FMD may provide a good boost for the Supply profiles. During the next supply call, Jose will contact GS1 people (Christian and Esther) to assist with the FMD cross-over to supply. FMD short guidance paper is being prepared. Last revision was by Christian Hay.

    • FHIR Discussions

No reply from the group - no objection, so we should continue. Next step is to come up with a set of transactions and start profiling - as soon as we have a template. Jose reports that the IHE Documentation Group is working on profile templates and FHIR will be one of the targeted standards. Hopefully this will give us a starting template for Volume2 . But for Volume 1 we may not need this.

Overview of the considered transactions. Will be sent to the main group. Action Item: José send initial transaction set to Pharmacy WG (after review from FHIR group) Michael advises to write use cases where the transactions are visible. This is accepted - we will identify use cases where the transactions are used, and also showing optional transactions. Action Item: Michael to start drafting some use cases. FHIR workflow discussions are going well, but not finished. Jose has a good feeling that the current resources may almost suffice for IHE needs.

    • Update on CP PHARM 101

CP was lost and not integrated. It is the description of MTP reference in PRE and DIS profiles. Stéphane will have a request for other changes, so this can be combined. Stéphane will look at this and eventually start from the CP to make the changes in the TF.

  • HL7 WGM in May

Given the lack of topics and the limited availability of participants, there seems to be a consensus to not do this meeting. IHE proposes to cancel this year's meeting.

  • Update on openMedicine

Discussion on sending several complementary identifiers One point of attention is the need for formulary data exchange. IHE is maintaining the epSOS. Changes from openMedicine would go from epSOS EXPAND to relay to the CEF eHN CBEH... which would then proceed with the changes. They may or not be requested also to Pharmacy. Stéphane is member of eHN.

  • Modeling Pharmacy profiles with MDHT tool

To use MDHT, there is a need to add a templateID to determine the content structure. e.g. in the DIS profile, the following could be added: <entryRelationship typeCode='REFR'> <templateID='OID for PHARM + SubID for content sections'/>

   <substanceAdministration classCode='SBADM' moodCode='INT'>
     <id root=' ' extension=' '/>    
      <code code='MTPItem'
       displayName=' Medication Treatment Plan Item' 
       codeSystemName='IHE Pharmacy Item Type List'/>

Action Item: Stéphane to confer quickly with Kai cc this problem in ArtDecor, and then proceed with the planning of the changes. To be checked with Juergen about impact on profiles and existing implementations

  • Calendar for publication

Jose will discuss with Mary the dates for publication

  • Any other business

Michael suggests that we start drafting an agenda for Vienna during our ISO meeting in Amsterdam in May.