Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.02.09

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  • José Costa Teixeira
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Robert Breas
  • Esther Peelen

Overview of transactions

We reviewed the transactions and we confirm our alignment that the transactions and content of barcodes are part of the panorama in IHE, since as they are now seen, they do not overlap any of the transactions. A barcode decoding only returns the delimited attributes like lot, serial, expiry... For any other contextual informatio (e.g. if it is a product being added or subtracted, or if it is an addministration) this is within the supply transactions. Also if there is a need to add product information, this is done by a (future) "Catalog" information.

We discussed that the transactions for barcode decoding should be in the IHE transactions "roadmap" but robert and Esther are free to decide whether they push its specification from the first phase, or if they assist in explaining how it is (in the white paper and in the other profiles) first, and later we handle the barcode decoding transaction profile.

José requests the help of the experts (Esther, Robert) in clarifying the use of barcodes in Chapter 6, since this is a common gap in other groups.

Other related discussions

José points out the discussion: The discussion is about UDI for which there is a mailing list under Orders&Observations. and asks for help in joining that, especially to explain that the use of HRF is limited to some cases, and the use of the AIDC format is important in the supply chain.

Proposal to add to the Whitepaper content: barcode explanation (building from what is there), UDI - short intro and how the several attributes are in a code (1-2 page?). Transactions on barcodes will be added.

Porto meetings

José will start and circulate 2 similar sets of slides:

1. for internal pharmacy presentation and discussion of the transactions

2. similar but more "selling" and simplified, for the ITI/PCC/QRPH groups, to get their input.