Pharm Tech Minutes 2016.01.12

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Meeting details


Simon Letellier
Marc Robberecht

Review of the slidedeck of Jose on "IHE supply work for HL7 discussion"

  • Separation of messages into HL7 on Clinical part and GS1 on Logistics part makes sense
  • Arrows on the HL7 messages for the "red" HL7 part (Slide 3/8) need to be red, not blue.
  • Need to highlight the basic and required messages
and the added value of "optional" messages for a higher level of communication
  • Recall ?(Slide 6) need to be review to define the meaning and links with product workflow. Recall of products or request of information on the supply workflow ?
  • Order, Delivery and Inventory ! 3 great blocks (Slides 4,5 and 7) to summarise the topic.
  • Further investigations are postponed to be discussed with Jose.