Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.12.01

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Meeting details


Simon Letellier
Angela Merzweiler
Leonidas Tzimis
Marc Robberecht
Jose Costa Teixeira


Overview of standards

  • GS1 (Catalog Item Notification...)

Note: GS1 is not healthcare specific; there is healthcare-specific modules. Links to GS1 standards:

  • SPL
  • ISO 19256 & IDMP
  • Others: inside hospital, the German IG uses MFN^M16

Overview of problems to address

  • Transport use cases - vendors, distributors, hospitals, regulators, MPD providers...
  • we will review the scope as we are listing the participants, and from this identify the actors we want to focus on
  • Data details - to what level?

This is dependent on the use cases.

A good starting point would be to look at

1. intra-hospital and
2. from vendor to hospital,

so that the clinical systems can have shared product information.

The work of Angela is proof that this is not done yet, and it is needed.

  • Data segmentation and structuring

Will be addressed in a next discussion.