Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.11.24

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  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Marc Robberecht - Agfa Healthcare
  • Angela Merzweiller
  • Christian Hay - GS1
  • Leonidas Tzimis - EAHP
  • Simon Letellier - EAHP
  • Michael Tan - Nictiz
  • Stephan Spahni - HUG

White paper status

  • Same as in previous call

Discussion on Barcode profile

Description of transactions as in the white paper.

Michael confirms that the GS1 NL group is not interested in resolving the whole Supply matter, just the matter of the barcodes. Christian asks if editorially such a profile should be isolated from a whitepaper.

Jose proposes that at least a section in the Whitepaper should refer to the barcode aspects. This alignment was discussed 2 weeks ago but the concern of the group is to avoid needing to confirm this again in 2 weeks. Michael will present this to the Dutch team, and ensure that there is an alignment on this conclusion.

Stephane has some material on the transaction they implemented in HUG - this could provide useful material for the profile.

German implementation guide

Angela presents the German implementation guide. It covers catalog, ordering and invoicing.

From a first analysis, it seems that

  • External and internal transactions are derived separately. in IHE there is one transaction for order, but Germany IG will have internal and external order
  • There is some coincidence on the scope. We will analyze that and inform what is in either IHE or IG.

The material for Catalog could be very beneficial to bootstrap our Catalog / Formulary work. We will discuss that on the Formulary call on 1st December.

Next steps

  • Jose will discuss with Simon to anticipate the Formulary call for the morning of the 1st December, or to make a doodle to make it another day due to Angela's preference.
  • Review Stephane's document to facilitate barcode topic.
  • Angela to send the document for the group to review.

Other business

Jose mentioned that the current delivery of the Supply group will be presented in his session at the eHealth Forum in Athens on the 3rd December. Will describe IHE (shortly), the supply mechanisms and standards, and the real-life impact of standardization.