Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.09.16

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Discussion on FMD.

  • Links by Leonidas:


Difference between Falsified and Counterfeit

Blog with the summary from EAHP

Delegated Act

  • Discussion: scanning of all items is not practical and poses problems. These problems introduced by the FMD can be minimized or resolved by having proper interoperability like IHE recommends.
  • How to address this in IHE
  • Add a few paragraphs to whitepaper
  • Create a new "educational" paper - as agreed in Chania - with the topic "falsified medicines directive…" to explain how IHE addresses some of the challenges, or how the work in IHE gives arguments to the ongoing discussion.

Next steps

  • Work group is defining (until 25 September) the content of this new paper. Also adding some content if it is feasible.
  • Then the work group will raise this matter to the Pharmacy committee to decide Go/NoGo with the publication of such document.
  • Meanwhile Jose will ask Mary if this off-cycle publication is possible by IHE.

White Paper

Current version is on FTP site: whitepaper (Under revision, read at your own risk...)

  • Jose will notify the group that a new version of the whitepaper is available