Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.08.12

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Recap from last webex:

Materials on the FTP site

  • We agreed with a few aspects in the model outlined in the PPT:
  • Medication "Ordering" is a set of activities that we may aggregate for consistency (We may use a single type of resource for these activities). It includes:
  • We are not yet clear whether Planning is part of the ordering, as we conceive "planning" today.
  • Draft prescriptions, provisional orders, are potentially conceived as part of the "ordering" box.
  • Prescribing
  • ... or other ordering that is the same as prescribing. Like a nurse's "prescription".
  • Order review.
  • "Order Review" may be a better candidate name than "Pharmaceutical Advice".
  • "Medication Dispense" may include several activities (transportation after fulfilling a prescription, distribution between stock locations, preparation of individual doses...) At this moment we are not making a distinction between those activities.
  • Administration actor may be best called Administration Performer
  • Out of the discussion were:
  • "Prescription Management" - the mechanisms to steer the workflow, like changes, prescription . are at this moment left out of the discussion. In scope, but the "how" is not decided yet.
  • ADE Reporting and post-administration events.
  • Medication Statements by a patient
  • Medication Lists - Querying a list and the content container for that list is currently supported in existing profiles (PML) and this should be taken into consideration. But the topic of creating, aggregating, reconciling such lists is left out of the discussion for now.
  • Medication Catalog - how different actors are prepared to share names and attributes of medications.
  • Supply aspects other than the dispensing