Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.05.08

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Meeting details

Friday, 8 May 2015, 14:00 CET

WebEx details:

Meeting number: 954 049 536


+33 17091 8646 France toll

0800-9-19312 France toll free

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers

Goal of our work (how will we handle this matter)

  • Functional alignment - building blocks
  • reviewed the XLS fils that explains the different activities / functionalities and how they are mapped to a profile.

Approach to FHIR

  • Parallel / quick alignment between HL7 and IHE (considering FHIR fast tracks)
  • Jose will send a few notes to Marc so that IHE asks for HL7/FHIR to be aware that we have some discussions ongoing

Pharmacy Technical Committee