Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.04.30

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Meeting details

Thursday, 30 April 2015, 14:00 CET

WebEx details:

Meeting number: 958 775 866


+33 17091 8646 France toll

0800-9-19312 France toll free

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers

Access code: 958 775 866


  • Review of the agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous meeting

Planning and Reporting (30 mins)

  • Report on ISO meeting
  • Work on Medication Management: Concepts and definitions
  • A technical report will be submitted as a joint collaboration with IHE.
  • A form for ballot submission should be made and submitted before 15th May.
  • Action Item: Michael will write a concept and send it to the group. If necessary a special call will be organized.
  • Jose shows a pharmacovigilance database from Finland to show what you can do with the information.
  • News from HL7
  • Supply, Medication profiles, V2+FHIR mapping
  • Discussion on orders and observations is going very fast and hard to keep up with. Jose is following the discussion.
  • Medication profiles is not an active topic. Question: Should we revive this topic?
  • Decision: We will not revive this topic for now.
  • HL7 is doing some mapping between v2 and FHIR.
  • Should we interfere in the FHIR modelling? Jurgen proposes to set our minds within IHE before discussing the view with HL7.
  • Especially the topic of pharmaceutical advice could perhaps another name to make it more understandable for others.
  • Marc, Jurgen. Stephane and Jose will convene together to review the CMPD and HMW to get a common understanding within IHE.
  • Action item: Marc will set up a doodle.

Pending items (10 mins)

  • Check Availability of acronym for Supply profiles (Jose) - still pending
  • Prepare page and mailing list with ad-hoc group - still Pending
  • Change proposals to approve and send forward- Jurgen - still pending.
  • rename of profiles ( Jurgen) - still Pending

Report on Connectathon EU

  • Stephane and Jurgen were present
  • 4 vendors were present and testing the community profiles
  • This is a minimum, but we can expect more vendors from Switzerland and Austria in the near future.
  • Next year Stephane will expect vendors to test content profiles.
  • Leonidas expects some Greek Vendors to participate in near future.

Preparation / agenda for F2F (Michael)

Note the change of address to Hotel Concorde

Currently there are 13 participants for Paris. Most from IHE, 4 from ISO and 2 from HL7.

  • Program
  • 9:15 9:30 15 min Welcome IHE
  • 9:30 9:45 15 min Agenda approval IHE
  • 9:45 10:15 30 min Update of ISO work items ISO
  • 10:15 10:45 30 min Update of IHE Pharmacy work items IHE
  • 10:45 11:00 15 min Break
  • 11:00 11:30 30 min Update of HL7 Pharmacy work items HL7
  • 11:30 12:30 60 min Workshop ISO e-Dispense use cases ISO/IHE
  • 12:30 13:30 60 min Lunch
  • 13:30 15:30 120 min Workshop FHIR prescription & dispense HL7/IHE
  • 15:30 15:45 15 min Break
  • 15:45 17:15 90 min Workshop Medication Statement requirements HL7/IHE
  • 17:15 18:00 45 min Workshop FHIR requirements for supply HL7/IHE
  • 18:00 18:30 30 min Closing and follow up IHE
  • Why should we discuss the topic of NCPDP? NCPDP is trying to spread their standard and IHE could encompass that change by e.g. profiling it.

Work items

  • 1. Supply and cross-domain interaction:
  • Stephane has done updates and housekeeping on existing profiles.
  • MTP is still open and scheduled for next week.
  • We should be aware of the publishing calendar of this year, if we need to publish documents. Jose will re-send the proposed editorial calendar
  • Medication Documentation (Medication Management + Data Management/Capture)
  • Medication documentation on Jose tasks list are still pending. Jose will approach other interested persons to get involved. The deliverable will be a white paper.
  • The ISO technical report will need some editorial work to put it in ISO format.
  • Supply will be presented in the DCC call. Suggest to send it directly to the chairs of involved groups and present it in the DCC.
  • Action item: Jose will make a roadmap for the planning for supply.
  • What to do with barcodes? Our vision is that barcodes are necessary for supply. Action item: Query Vincent van Pelt about his projects on barcode. (Michael)
  • Leonidas mentions that Greece uses a national and an international barcode. Leonidas will invite HL7 Greece to Chania.
  • Formulary - no updates
  • FHIR - no updates besides harmonization above
  • HMW rework - no updates

Any other items

  • Leonidas has given a presentation about IHE Pharmacy at Medetel Conference last Friday. It was a good presentation. There is no follow up required.
  • link to the presentation:
  • Action item: Upload presentation and change this page with the link
  • Jurgen has created a folder on the FTP site for the presentation.

Pharmacy Technical Committee