Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.04.08

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Review and approval of the agenda

Agenda approved.

Review from last minutes of F2F meeting in Paris

Minutes are approved.

Review of open CPs

  • CPs are ready and Juergen will send them out as soon as possible, and send a doodle for the CP Processing Call. The decisions in the CP processing calls are binding.

Preparation for ISO meeting in San Francisco

White paper: The main idea of this white paper is the relationship between the several aspects in a medication list: from the "components" (bottom part of the diagram") to the different types of lists. Jose and Michael have an agreed vision and this is what will be presented in ISO.

Preparation for ISO/HL7/IHE meeting in Paris

Agenda will be changed according to the suggested changes. On the FHIR topic, IHE will make a tcon to see what is the scope of the discussion and to "warm up" the topic.

Preparation for IHE meeting in Chania

Goals of the F2F meeting: Will be discussed as part of the agenda preparation.

General discussion: How to manage ad-hoc groups? Should we create dedicated mailing lists?

Jose/Simon will create the google group and wiki page to show the governance proposed. This governance will be reviewed by IHE in the next F2F meeting.

News: Articles on HL7 Newsletter

  • Article on Supply is being finished
  • Article on the problematic of Medication Lists may be possible

Progress of work items

  • Supply
  • Content: no updates on the content. The document is available in
  • Form: The method and structure of the document seems reasonable, can be further explored to discuss e.g. in ISO.
  • Doodle will be sent to the IHE group and the invites will be sent to the doodle participants
  • New use cases from Leonidas (purchasing in groups) are interesting to see how IHE can support them.

  • MTP
  • Profile is almost ready. CPs for CMPD and the content profiles are needed.
  • By the end of next week, Stéphane will create a new tconf. Doodle will be sent to the IHE group and the invites will be sent to the doodle participants

  • HMW and FHIR (Including CMPD - HMW common functional model)
  • About the engagement with H7, we will benefit from any mechanism to discuss any open issue, but we should adhere to John Moehrke's process.
  • Jose to ask Juergen about the process details.

  • Others
  • No other business

Pharmacy Technical Committee