Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.04.08

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  • Review and approval of the agenda (5 minutes)

Agenda approved.

  • Review from last minutes of F2F meeting in Paris (10 minutes)

Minutes are approved.

  • Review of open CPs (Juergen, 2 minutes)

CPs are ready and Juergen will send them out as soon as possible, and send a doodle for the CP Processing Call. The decisions in the CP processing calls are binding.

  • Preparation for ISO meeting in San Francisco (Jose, 5 minutes)

White paper: The main idea of this white paper is the relationship between the several aspects in a medication list: from the "components" (bottom part of the diagram") to the different types of lists.

  • Preparation for ISO/HL7/IHE meeting in Paris (Michael, 5 minutes)

Agenda will be changed according to the suggested changes. On the FHIR topic, IHE will make a tcon to see what is the scope of the discussion and to "warm up" the topic.

  • Preparation for IHE meeting in Chania (Leonidas, 5 minutes)

Goals of the F2F meeting: Will be discussed as part of the agenda preparation.

    • General discussion: How to manage ad-hoc groups? Should we create dedicated mailing lists? (All, 10 minutes)

Jose/Simon will create the google group and wiki page to show the governance proposed. This governance will be reviewed by IHE in the next F2F meeting.

    • News: Articles on HL7 Newsletter (Jose, 5 minutes)

  • Progress of work items (45 minutes):
  • Supply
  • Content: no updates on the content. The document is available
  • Form: The structure of the document seems reasonable, can be further explored to discuss e.g. in ISO.
    • MTP
  • Profile is almost ready. CPs for CMPD and the content profiles are needed.
  • By the end of next week, Stéphane will create a new tconf. Doodle will be sent to the IHE group and the invites will be sent to the doodle participants

  • HMW and FHIR (Including CMPD - HMW common functional model)
  • About the engagement with H7, we will benefit from any mechanism to discuss any open issue, but we should adhere to John Moehrke's process.
  • Jose to ask Juergen about the process details.

  • Others
  • No other business

Pharmacy Technical Committee