Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.03.11

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Review of MTP Profile document

  • Glossary & definitions (pages 8, 10, 25)
    • Decision:
      • One MTP Item per MTP Document
      • MTP Definition = THE patient's plan
      • Open issue: linking MTP Items together to reflect some relationships between them
  • Reported medications (page 16)
    • Decision: agreed on modified wording (MTP Item when HP endorses the medication) in order not to have conflict/duplicate with further Medication Statement
  • Next steps
    • Decision: Update according to discussed points above

Review of CPs

  • CP mtp-pre-1: link PRE --> MTP & type of referenced content
    • Draft here
    • Goal: distinguish between reference to PRE and reference to MTP (same content)
    • Decision: to be discussed p2p Jürgen - Stéphane next week


  • CP mtp-pre-2: Reference to original CDA document (when in PML)
    • Draft here
    • Goal: when included in a PML, preserve the fact that several PREs or MTPs are coming from the same CDA document
    • Useful also for DIS and PADV?
    • Decision: Jürgen working on a CP

Review of CMPD Profile document

  • Draft here
  • Next steps:
    • Medication Treatment Placer is not mandatory - supported actors are described in concrete projects --> OK
    • Workflow: leave as they are, add a new section for explaining how the plan layer relates to existing workflow