Pharm Tech Minutes 2015.01.27

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Meeting details

Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 08:00 CET



  • Stephane Spahni
  • Jurgen Brandstatter
  • Simon Letellier
  • Stephen Chu
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Jose Costa Teixeira

Review of MTP Profile document

  • Section X Introduction (330)
  • Section X.4 MTP Overview (443)
    • Concepts

Will include diagrams in the "Concepts" section

    • Use cases

One comprehensive use case should suffice.

  • Section 6 Document content
    • Prescriber (1259)
  • Will change it to "Author" or "Creator".
  • 6.3.4.E1.3.6 Lot number (1530)

Lot number: A small description will be added : In some cases the plan is to order a specific lot number. For example in studies, where the lot is used to differentiate between the active medication and the placebo, the lot number may be required in the plan, as well as the prescription. Expiry date: We must add a statement that it SHALL NOT be used. A similar explanatory statement will be added to the PRE content. Jurgen will make the CP to PRE

  • 6.3.4.E1.3.8 Packaging (1541)
  • General policy: if a section is not used, shall we keep it for simplifying implementations or drop it ?
  • IDs

A new template ID is created and added to the OID tree: Medication Treatment Plan (MTP) Document Content Module Specification ( A new Medication Treatment Plan Item Entry Content Module is defined: LOINC code for the section and for the document: will be requested. Jurgen and Stephane will follow up.


Medication Therapy Profile latest draft: IHE_Suppl_MTL_Rev02_2015-01-26

Other Decisions

  • About parent Templates:
  • Maybe using PRE is not a good idea. We will first look at the template, and then decide whether to use an existing template or not.

Some elements may be optional or conditioned to specific use cases. Since this is a general aspect, and many of the profiles may refer to another profile's constraints, the place should be............

Stephane will add for example under 6.3.4.E2.3.10 Consumable

  • About the inclusion of prescription-support data like refills, package, etc.

There is no absolute need to either include it or exclude it. For sake of current implementation, a "RESERVED" section is created as the future placeholder for this.

Next Steps

Stéphane will work on the document and discuss some details with Jurgen, and will announce the next version and next agenda.