Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.11.27

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Meeting details

Thursday, 27 November 2014, 14:00 CET

Webex details:

Meeting number: 953 493 826

Call-in Numbers: Global Call-in numbers


  • Christof Gessner HL7 Gematik
  • Jose Costa Teixeira Vendor Technical Co-chair Equip-med
  • Juergen Brandstaetter Vendor planning Co-chair Codewerk
  • Léonidas Tzimis User Planning Co-chair EAHP
  • Marc Robberecht Agfa Healthcare
  • Simon Letellier Secretary EAHP
  • Stéphane Spahni HUG
  • Stephen Chu NEHTA


Planning and Reporting (30 mins)

  • Board Report Review and Approval (Jurgen / Leonidas)
  • Jose will do some work, pass it to Jurgen
  • Future plans will be updated.
  • We will include reference to EPSOS being finished
  • Schedule 2014/2015 (Jurgen / Leonidas)
  • Schedule is in final version, but we still need confirmation. See below.
  • Action item: Jose will update the page from the schedule v0.4 since the dates are final
  • Meeting in Chania will be in the Chania General Hospital, on the 4th floor, number 300.15.
  • Action Item: Jose will add this to the agenda page in the wiki.

Pending items (10 mins)

  • Check Availability of acronym for Supply profiles
  • Integration Profile: Supply of Products for Healthcare (SPH)
  • Content Profiles: Order and Delivery Management (ODM)
  • Integration Profile: Healthcare Inventory Management (HIM)
  • Status: Still pending. Jose to follow up asap.
  • Updates on meeting plans
  • Any update on Joint meeting with ITI, PCC and QRPH: 24-25 February 2015, ASIP Santé Offices, Paris, France
  • We still need confirmation from the sponsors regarding the joint meeting with ITI/PCC/QRPH, so that we can send out the links to register.
  • Action item: Jurgen will seek confirmation and review the schedule and inform the group when a v1.0 of the schedule is available.
  • Response from Francois Macary for IHE Joint meeting with SIG HL7 Pharmacy (15 May 2015, Paris, France)
  • Jacqueline informed the group on the 6/11 that a confirmation has been received.

Discussion on work items (50 mins)

  • CP on DIS profile to move Dispenser from <performer> to <author> element (Jurgen)
  • Jurgen presented the Change Proposal [] that introduces the dispenser as Author (to preserve the profession). Description of the compatibility issues are in the CP. To address these issues, we discussed whether to have first author as dispenser OR have it as a prescriber, even if a prescriber may not always be available.
  • Both options are OK and do not introduce a strict compatibility issue with PCC. But there could be interpretation issues.
  • Decision: Jurgen will provide the CP with the Prescriber as first author (as in PCC) and dispenser as second. and will implement it in the Austrian project. The participants in today's conf call express their agreement on a future approval (or abstention) when balloting.
  • Updates on technical tcons and work items (Jose and work item leads)
  • Deferred
  • IHE Financial Sustainability Plan (Jurgen)
  • Jurgen explained the current situation that has been under discussion for 2 years.
  • Decision: We are afraid that this may impact the participation on our domain. We will send some comments including a "tiered" approach for vendors (and users?) to have differentiated fees considering several factors.

Action item: Monday 1/12 COB IHE Pharmacy will have a formal position/request/proposal to the IHE Board.


Pharmacy Technical Committee