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=17:00 - 18:30 =
== Participants ==
:* Angela Merzweiler
:* Angela Merzweiler
:* Georg Heidenreich
:* Georg Heidenreich

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  • Angela Merzweiler
  • Georg Heidenreich
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Stéphane Spahni
  • Simon Letellier
  • Jose Costa Teixeira


  • Follow up on action items from previous meeting
  • Review proposed structure of the whitepaper
  • Integrating with other whitepaper (Formulary)
  • Check other existing models


How to deal with generic references e.g.

Implementation guides from other countries
Nice to know information
Specifications for barcodes
For generic material, Google Drive will be created and we see how it works.
Leonidas advises to be aware of space limitations.
All IHE material must be on the FTP

Follow up on previous action items + Discussion

  • Jose could not have a new version of the white paper. Since a rewrite is advised, Jose presented a proposal for a new structure.
  • Review of the structure. Some comments added to the structure. Decision: New structure seems to be a good approach.
  • Traceability is considered important, and it would be good to demonstrate how bedside barcode scanning can contribute to traceability.
  • Action item: Jose will proceed with the new structure and provide a first content as soon as possible.
  • Angela has submitted the model.
  • Georg and Angela presented the different models.
  • These models contain good information that should be included in the discussions
  • Jose presented the model from HMW
  • Next steps: We will project the models into "modular" use cases that will be the building blocks for defining a definitive model for a profile.
  • These are not full-blown use cases, but more "scenarios" hat may be encountered such as "stock is managed locally vs managed centrally" or "Product is referenced by different codes in different systems"...
  • Definition of actors is not mandatory a this phase, suggest to do it when the scope is visible from the use cases (from the new structure of the white paper)

Next steps

Jose will send out a doodle for the week of December 8th. Jose and Simon will prepare the Google Drive for sharing working materials. Jose will work on the whitepaper in the new structure