Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.07.03

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Simon Letellier
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Jose Costa Teixeira (short)

CPs to process

  • CP-PHARM-086: PRE: Change chapter names for Medicine Entry according to naming rules
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-087: PRE: Dosage Instructions: Allow omitting of Frequency and Dose Quantity in case of “Normal Dosing” in case that narrative dosage instructions are provided only
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-088: PRE, PADV: Narrative Text: Set optionality to SHALL in all documents
  • Approved
  • CP-PHARM-089: PADV: PADV Concern entry: Correct wrong statusCode (from “completed” to “active”)
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-090: PADV: Observation Code: Correction of table headings
  • Approved
  • CP-PHARM-091: CMPD: Set ITI-18 transaction to be R only for Workflow Management
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-092: PADV: Changed Dosage Instructions: Make description of optionalities more precise
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-093: PADV: Pharmaceutical Advice Concern Entry: Clarifying meaning of referenced Pre- or Dis Items
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-094: PADV: Purpose and Observation Code: Improve descriptions, Adding use-case
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-095: CMPD: Add PHARM-1 at Prescription Placer
  • Will be deleted, because already covered by CP-PHARM-091

An overview about all Pharmacy CPs we’ve had so far is located at:

  • Decision: All CPs are approved for ballot (Jacqueline expressed her approval by email)
  • Next steps:
  • Action item: Jürgen will issue the ballot asap

Pharmacy Technical Committee