Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.06.12

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09:30 - 09:45 Welcome

  • Participants
    • Hosts and guests
      • Ricardo João Cruz Correia (Cintesis, University of Porto, Host)
      • Sebastiao Ferreira da Silva (Cintesis, University of Porto, Host)
      • Pedro Manuel Viera Marques (Med.up., Portugal)
      • Ines Ribero Vaz (Med.up.,Portugal)
      • Jose Hilario Almeida (Portugal)
      • Helder Silva (Glintt, Portugal)
    • IHE
      • Juergen Brandstaetter (Codewerk, Austria)
      • Stephen Chu (NEHTA, Australia) [by WebEx]
      • Simon Letellier (EAHP, France)
      • Michael Tan (Nictiz, Netherlands)
      • Jose Costa Teixeira (Equip-Med,Portugal)
      • Marc Robberecht (Agfa Healthcare, Belgium)
      • Jacqueline Surugue (EAHP, France)
      • Christof Gessner (IHE Deutschland, Gematik, Germany)
      • Sylvia Thun (IHE Deutschland , Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved
  • Approval of minutes of TCon May 22, 2014

09:45 - 13:30 CP processing

  • The following (simple) CPs have been summarized:
  • CP-PHARM-068, Add more samples to Active Ingredient structure
  • CP-PHARM-069, Add terms to glossary
  • CP-PHARM-070, Align Purpose and Scope to Glossary
  • CP-PHARM-071, Improve definition of "Patient instructions" and "Fulfillment instructions"
  • CP-PHARM-072, Pharmacy Common Editorial Changes
  • CP-PHARM-075, Clarify meaning of statusCode
  • CP-PHARM-076, Renaming of chapters to align to naming policy
  • CP-PHARM-077, Adding Narrative Text element to supply element
  • CP-PHARM-079, Added missing “Specialty” to Data Element Specification
  • CP-PHARM-080, Correction to CP-PHARM-046 and CP-PHARM-047
  • CP-PHARM-081, Improve descriptions of Documents, Sections and Entries
  • Motion: Approve above block of CPs as "Approved for ballot"
  • Approved (071, 076 with changes)

  • The following (complex) CPs have been reviewed:
  • CP-PHARM-063, Introduce a “Dosing Information” Content Module and restructure the PRE, PADV, DIS documents to reference this Content Module for Dosing Information
  • Postponed to next day
  • CP-PHARM-065, Enhance Medication packaging structure (asSuperContent, expirationTime) and relocate lotNumber parallel to expirationTime
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-066, Add new status: "SUSPEND"
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-067, Clarify meaning of "Amounts of consumable to be dispensed" and "Quantity supplied" in the context of medicinal products containing multiple active ingredients
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-073, Make PADV capable to record also other kind of concerns than just ones caused by other Prescription-/ or Dispense items (e.g., by Allergy, etc.)
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-074, Introduce effectiveTime to specify the time the “code” (e.g. CANCEL) of the PADV shall become effective
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-078, Adding Code element to supply element to indicate whether this Dispensation Item is “partially” or “fully” fulfilling an underlying Prescription Item
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-082, Add Pharmaceutical Adviser / Dispenser at section level (to be consistent with PRE)
  • Approved with changes
  • CP-PHARM-083, Add additional constraints to underlying PCC Medications template
  • Approved
  • CP-PHARM-084, Add additional constraints to underlying PCC Supply template
  • Approved
  • CP-PHARM-085, Lower constraint for referenced PADV from SHALL to SHALL IF KNOWN
  • Approved with changes

13:30 - 14:30 Lunch

14:30 - 15:15 CP processing (continued)

  • See CPs above
  • Discussion about the topic, if term "dose form" or "dosage form" is correct
  • Outcome:
  • John Hatem: Both terms are used and equivalent, but only if used in combination with "form" (not dose or dosage alone)
  • FDA uses dosage form
  • Europe: EMA uses dose form
  • Australia/UK use dose form
  • Decision: Since both terms are equivalent we keep "dose form" in our profiles

17:00 - 18:00 Update on Healthcare Product Supply Interoperability (Jose, Sylvia Thun)

  • Presentation of Sylvia Thun

18:00 Adjourn

Pharmacy Technical Committee