Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.04.24

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Michael Tan
  • Jacqueline Surugue
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Ghalib Abbasi
  • Stephen Chu
  • Simon Letellier
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

Approval of minutes

  • TCon of Mar 20, 2014

Schedule 2013/2014

  • Current schedule
  • F2F meeting in Porto (Joint with HL7 / ISO WG6)
  • Review status of organization
  • Review Action item: Determine exact address, check room, make sure that infrastructure is ready (Internet, etc.) (Jose)
  • Still in progress, deadline: Jose will provide everything until next TCon
  • Status of synchronization with HL7/ISO (Michael)
  • ISO WG6 and HL7 Pharmacy are aware, had it on their TCons already
  • Registration
  • Review Action item: Participation/Registration list (Michael)
  • Quite a lot people have confirmed their attendance
  • An invitation form is ready, about to be released
  • Action item: Publish invitation form with address of location (Michael)
  • Program planning
  • Joint day
  • Review Action item: Create google doc (Michael)
  • Google doc has been created, but no changes to the program planning doc so far from the other groups
  • Action item: Drive the process of creating the joint agenda actively with the other groups (Michael)
  • IHE
  • Action item: Create a draft agenda on the wiki for discussion (Michael) before next TCon
  • Potential sponsors
  • Review Action item: Drafts a "marketing" text for the Joint meeting (+ follow up meetings), about 1 paragraph (Jose)
  • Marketing text has been created
  • Workshop lunches:
  • Portugese Hospital Pharmacist Association (Mrs. Aida Batista) sponsors a lunch for all groups, no date set yet
  • Faculty of Medicine sponsors another lunch for all groups, no date set yet
  • If no sponsor is found for the third day's lunch, this must be covered by IHE sponsors (Nictiz, EAHP), restricted to our group members
  • Social event:
  • In many of the former meeting locations a sponsor for a social event was found, Jose still searches for such a sponsor in Porto
  • Action item: Searches for a sponsor for a social event (Jose)
  • Presentation at University to the students at Jun 11
  • Status IHE presentation (Jürgen)
  • Action item: Create presentation for students (Jürgen) until next TCon

CAT EU status

  • Review Action item: Generate summary of CAT EU as preparation for future discussion about better involvement of vendors (Jürgen)
  • Postponed to next TCon, because CAT information not available yet

IHE Pharmacy domain: Introduction of Planning Co-Chairs

  • We got enchoraged at CAT EU to align the IHE Pharmacy domain to the structure of the other development domains by introducing Planning Co-Chairs
  • Proposal: Introduction of Planning Co-Chairs by next season
  • Motion: Planning co-chairs will be introduced and a call for candidates will be issued
  • Approved
  • Action item: Issue a call for candidates altogether with a description of the position (Simon, Jürgen)

Incoming Proposals

  • CPs for introduction and first discussion:
  • Undo CP-PHARM-058: "Relax usage of UCUM from SHALL to SHOULD" because it violates the CDA scheme
  • PADV: Introduce a templateId for “Changed Dispense Item” structure
  • PRE: Change definitions for data elements "Medication Code/Brand name" (extend to "Generic" code/name and Compounds)
  • PRE: Enhance Medication packaging structure (subContent, expirationDate)
  • PADV: Add new statuses: "On hold", "Release"
  • PADV: Make PADV sufficient to transport "Medication Interaction Checking result" information
  • PRE/DIS: Clarify meaning of "Amounts of consumable to be dispensed" and "Quantity supplied" in the context of medicinal products containing multiple active ingredients
  • PRE: Add more samples to Active Ingredient structure
  • PRE: Add terms to glossary
  • PRE/DIS: Improve definition of "Patient instructions" and "Fulfillment instructions"
  • Common Supplement: Several editorial changes
  • Decision: A TCon will be dedicated to process this CPs
  • Action item: Create a doodle for finding a date (Jürgen)

Current CPs and Public Comment items

  • Pharmacy Medication List (PML) - Public Comment - Status
  • Review Action item: Complete and submit to PC (Jürgen)
  • Jürgen will finalize next week

Work on work-items

  • Work on document "Medication Management: Related Concepts and Definitions" (Michael)
  • Extending_Pharmacy_Whitepaper_Admission/Discharge (Michael)
  • No changes, considered final, needs external review and next steps
  • Query Dispatch and Aggregate (Vincent van Pelt)
  • Work in progress at Nictiz, clearly splitted now into "Dispatch" and "Aggregate" parts
  • Enterprise Distribution And Supply Of Items (Jose)
  • Review Action item: Prepare final version and draft of email DCC to get an agenda slot (Jose)
  • Review Action item: Forward email to DCC (Jürgen)
  • No information on that work item
  • Updates to HMW (Jose)
  • No information on that work item

Any other business

  • IHE World Summit 2014 in Chicago, September 11-13, 2014
  • Right before the HL7 meeting in the same location
  • Michael tries to join
  • Jürgen: Presentation at EU, eHGI Prescription at Mar 11, 2014

Next Meeting

  • TCon May 22, 2014, 14:00 - 15:30 Paris time

Pharmacy Technical Committee