Pharm Tech Minutes 2014.01.16

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Michael Tan
  • Simon Letellier
  • Jacqueline Surugue
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Stephen Chu
  • Marco Demarmels
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved

Approval of minutes

  • Approved

Schedule 2013/2014

  • Current schedule
  • Vienna
  • Jürgen: Request to move F2F from Feb 11/12 to 12/13 due to a conflicting WHO meeting. Waiting for approval.
  • Stakeholders meeting of Jacqueline has been moved. No roadblock anymore for moving to 12/13.
  • Decision: Moving from 11/12 to 12/13 (Wed/Thu) has been approved
  • Issue with HIMSS according payment of Treviso
  • Status of payment:
  • Invoice has been refined and is now accepted by NicTiz and EAHP
  • Current agreement between EAHP and NicTiz is to split the payment 50:50
  • NicTiz has already approved the payment
  • Action item: Michael and Jacqueline will bring that matter to an successful end
  • Status of HIMSS arranging the Vienna meeting
  • Question, if HIMSS has arranged PHARM for the Vienna meeting
  • Action item: Michael will contact Nancy Ramirez/Celina Roth about the payment status and asks for arrangement for the Vienna meeting
  • In case HIMSS declines to arrange, Michael to contact Jürgen -> Try to arrange that directly with FHTW (Gabriele Költringer)
  • Porto (Joint with HL7 / ISO WG6)
  • Currently best proposition for the Joint Day: June 11th, 2014
  • Jose: Chrstian Hay has proposed to change the venue from Porto to Lisbon, because of a better connection (GS1 can maybe arrange a venue)
  • Our opinion: Since IHE has the lead in organizing the venue should not change. This would result in a change of responsibility to GS1.
  • Decision: We leave it to Porto
  • What is the process to set that to approved:
  • Michael recommends that IHE takes the decision and informs the other
  • Michael and Stephen are at HL7 WG meeting in San Antonio next week, will discuss that there
  • Decision for further proceeding:
  • Michael takes the lead in this item
  • Deadline for closing date for the doodle is set to Jan 31, 2014
  • Inform HL7 and ISO about the current status and deadline, with reminder for voting the doodle
  • After deadline has passed the Joint Day will be finalized

Incoming Proposals

  • No incoming proposals

Current CPs and Public Comment items

  • Ballot #5 - Status
  • Quorum reached (5 votes out of 6)
  • Voting result: Yes, all CPs approved considering the discussion below
  • Discussion about comments:
  • CP-PHARM-045v2 will not published but be reworked and re-balloted (Decision)
  • CP-PHARM-046v2 and CP-PHARM-047: Comment will be further investigated in a new CP (convering all Queries, not only the new ones)
  • CP-PHARM-057v2: "uncoded" will be changed to "not supported by a code"
  • Pharmacy Medication List (PML) - Public Comment - Status
  • Not done yet, Jürgen will process that asap

Work on work-items

  • Work on document "Medication Management: Related Concepts and Definitions"
  • All others are invited to review
  • Will use HL7 meeting next week for doing joint work with HL7 members
  • Plan is to prepare a version for discussion at the F2F meeting in Vienna

  • Extending_Pharmacy_Whitepaper_Admission/Discharge (Michael)
  • Current Status: Considered "final" by Michael
  • Michael will send the latest version to Jürgen for putting it to the FTP
  • F2F meeting in Vienna should be used for approval process

  • Preparation for Vienna
  • Data Gathering profile (RECON profile)
  • Working group:
  • Michael Tan
  • Vincent von Pelt
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Current status:
  • Vincent von Pelt has worked out some ideas and consulted Mark Sinke (= Forcare, Dutch representative in ITI)
  • Action item: Arrange an appointment with ITI/PCC for a time slot (Jürgen)
  • Action item: Will send out the current material to the group until Jan 24, after that decision of the WG about what material will be sent in advance for ITI/PCC (Vincent)
  • Supply chain
  • Current status:
  • Powerpoint has been sent to the group
  • Use same slot with ITI/PCC to present our supply chain activities to them and request them to contribute use-cases
  • Action item: Optional: Prepare material in advance for ITI/PCC to that topic (Jose)

Any other business

  • World Summit 2014, 19-21 in Orlando is postponed

Next Meeting

  • F2F Meeting Vienna

Pharmacy Technical Committee