Pharm Tech Minutes 2013.05.02

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Simon Letellier (EAHP, secretary)
  • Jose Costa Teixeira (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Jacqueline Surugue (EAHP, co chair IHE Pharmacy for Users)
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Not Approved : Absence of Quorum

==> discussion TCon, not a decision TCon

Schedule 2012/2013

  • Concerning 3nd F2F meeting in June 10-12, 2013

HL7 Pharmacy WG/ IHE Pharmacy / ISO TC2154 WG6 Joint Day will be June 10th.

The agenda of this day is in progress.

Jose will be in Brazil from end of may to end of June : he will only be able to attend through WebEx at the F2F meeting.

We need to prepare an agenda with time slots about Hospital Pharmacy in the afternoon.

Work-item status

Work- and Action-items list

  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Distribution and supply of items

Feed-back from the T-Con (April 15th) with Hans Buitendijk (Siemens AG, medical Solutions / HL7 O&O) Need to start specific discussion.

Jacqueline's use-case need to be split Use-case sent to S. Chu : OK.

Prepare a paper about "How to use bar-code in pharmacy ?" Something are already written by GS1 Decision : Jacqueline will contact Christian Hay.

Medication Documentation

==> some improvements will be discuss later with Jürgen.

Any other business

  • FIP :

Jacqueline : Presentation about the seamless care, and the collaboration between Community and Hospitals.

It will introduce IHE at the next FIP congress. Want to publish an article based on this communication.

  • IHE Europe :

End of the sponsor of COCIR.

MA Liebert, no longer secretary of IHE Europe

Jacqueline end her second mandate as IHE Europe user co-chair

The new IHE Europe user co-chair is Peter Middleberger, a radiologist in Germany.

  • Summer Webinar

Each summer, IHE plan a webinar serie to promote IHE.

Simon and Jacqueline will structure the plan of the IHE Pharmacy webinar :

  • The domain
  • Community part
  • Hospital part
  • Shared links :

Articles mention IHE Pharmacy

About tracking operations in hospitals

Next meeting

WebEx : May 30th 16:00-17:30

Pharmacy Technical Committee