Pharm Tech Minutes 2013.02.12

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  • Call to Order/Roll Call
  • Stephen Chu
  • Jacqueline Surugue
  • Hugh Glover
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Michael Tan
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Tom de Jong


  • Austrian use-case (Jürgen)
  • The "medication list" shall consist of two parts:
  • 1.part: All "open" prescriptions, meaning prescriptions which has not yet dispensed
  • 2.part: All dispenses in a specific date-range (e.g. the last 6 months)
  • All data shall be not interpreted
  • Is that an "Unreconciled Medication list"?

  • Dutch use-case (Michael)
  • Basically same as Austrian but does also contain reconciled information as well as additional information like Allergies and Adverse reactions, etc.
  • Is divided into different queries
  • Tom: Not sure that the Dutch use case contains reconciled information (Im not even sure what that is yet). It does contain additional medication information, in the form of administration records (usually in a hospital setting) and/or medication statements (outpatient setting)

Categorizing use-cases into the hierarchy

  • In which level falls the Austrian use-case?
  • Stephen: Unreconciled medication list
  • Also Prescriptions, Dispenses, Administrations fall into this

  • In which level falls the Dutch use-case?
  • Stephen: This is a "Medication profile"
  • This classification is independend of the number of queries required to compose such a profile
  • Learning: A medication profile is always composed of different parts. One of them might be the "Unreconciled Medication List".
  • Tom: Agree that a profile is composed of different parts, but an unreconciled medication list is input for a profile, not a component.

Clarifying terms

  • "Unreconciled Medication History List" or "Unreconciled Medication List"
  • We agree on one new term: "Unreconciled Medication List"
  • But it must be made clear that we don't say if this is a "current" or "past" medication list
  • Tom: The term "unreconciled" must be defined!
  • "Unreconciled" means: the list has NOT gone through the process of "reconsiliation"
  • "Reconciled" means: the list has gone through the "process of reconsiliation" (remove issues and errors, remove duplicates, etc.)
  • -> The process of reconciliation as such has to be defined.


  • Creating a temporary document: Description of Stephens hierarchy and exact definition of terms (according to Stephen slides)
  • including exact definition of:
  • What is part of a "medication list" (Prescriptions, Dispenses, Administrations, Pharmaceutical Advices, ...)
  • The "process of reconsiliation" in order to distinguish the level of "Unreconciled Medication list" from "Reconciled Medication list"
  • When finishing this temporary document, it will be decided if it is published as stand-alone whitepaper, or will be embedded into the current "Medication Documentation" whitepaper

New action items

  • Jürgen: Creates a template for the temporary document and fills it with as much information possible
  • Jürgen: Start proposal for a "Unreconciled Medication List" profile (Jürgen, Jose)

Next TCon

  • Jürgen sends out a Doodle for another TCon in 2-3 weeks in the same time-slot

Pharmacy Technical Committee