Pharm Tech Minutes 2012.06.20

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Day 2, Jun 20th, 2012, 14:00 - 18:00


  • Bourquard, Karima (IN-SYSTEM)
  • Brandstätter, Jürgen (CodeWerk Software Services and Development GmbH, co-chair IHE)
  • Costa Teixeira, Jose (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Demarmels, Marco (Lake Griffin, LLC)
  • Letellier, Simon (EAHP)
  • Robberecht, Marc (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Robertson Scott (Kaiser Permanente)
  • Surugue, Jacqueline (EAHP)
  • Tzimis, Leonidas (EAHP)

14:00 - 14:10 Welcome

14:10 Medication catalog (e.g. Formulary)

  • Status update

Review of the last (and early) version of this new white paper. The version 0.3 of the Formulary white paper available in the dedicated FTP folder :

Presentation and review of the white paper is mainly on the definitions (IHE& HL7 Glossary definitions included), the scope with community and hospital, technical candidates.

Discussion is on the use of codes to define medications, brand names, link to ICD.

15:00 Glossary work item

  • IHE/HL7 Pharmacy glossary spreadsheet:

The last version is available at

  • Status update :
  • Editors access / the original authors ?
Authors are list in a different worksheet.
  • test a wiki ? More convinient ?
continue spreedsheet glossary, with discussion on the IHE Pharmacy mailing list if needed
But if more offline works, need to move to a wiki.
  • Next step
Tom & marco will complete the column B with a "common definition" , not a "perfect definition".
  • JS : Need to check this work by an english-native pharmacist ?

15:30 Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing

  • Approving CPs

CPs available on the FTP:

  • CP-PHARM-024
  • CP-PHARM-025
  • CP-PHARM-026
  • CP-PHARM-027
  • CP-PHARM-028

16:20 - 16:30 -- Break --

16:30 Improvements in HMW for scope and error-fixing

  • Approving CPs
  • CP-PHARM-029

16:50 Make CMPD better readable

1) CP-PHARM-023: New version 5 created

New version : no changes but rather created because one of the changes has been taken out of the CP and has been relocated in a new CP. This was done for formal correctness only because the change was not only for “improving readability” but was rather an error in the profile.

2) CP-PHARM-030: New CP created

This CP contains the one change, which formerly was placed within CP-PHARM-023 (see above).

3) CP-PHARM-031: New CP created

This CP contains a new change! It relaxes the optionality of the transaction PHARM-1 for client-side actors (Pharmaceutical Advisers and Medication Dispensers) from “Required” to “Optional”. This is possible and consistent, because actually CMPD can also be operated without a “Community Pharmacy Manager” (although this is not the intention), so the optionality “required” was to strict.

4) CP-PHARM-032: New CP created

This CP is a request from one of the vendors at Bern Connectathon for a change in the PRE and DIS content profiles. This profiles contain an inconsistency : allow Split- or Conditional dosing information, but some parts of the specification permit it at the same time.

17:10 HMW Exceptional cases

  • Approving CPs